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Airfryer cheesecake

19 noviembre, 2021

Airfryer cheesecake

Cheesecake Recipe Air Fryer

Airfryer cheesecake , Cheese cake, a classic among desserts. This Air Fryer cheesecake recipe is super simple: with only 3 ingredients for the base and 3 ingredients for the dough , goodbye to excuses not to enjoy a delicious cake.

Airfryer cheesecake
Airfryer cheesecake

Cheesecake is without a doubt in the Top 5 of the most loved desserts in the world and it does not matter if you prefer the cheesecake without an oven, or the classic New York Cheesecake, whichever cheesecake you choose, it takes all! sighs on any occasion!

Airfryer cheesecake

They also adapt to any event: it can be one of the dessert recipes that you will use the most, and you can also prepare it as a birthday cake, believe me the children will love it.

What do you think if we tell you step by step how to make a cheesecake?

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I will tell you all the tricks to make the perfect cheesecake : what kind of cheese to use; how cheesecakes are prepared in an air fryer. Make the famous Japanese cheesecake recipe with only 6 ingredients.

Airfryer cheesecake
Airfryer cheesecake

Ingredients to make a cheesecake and Airfryer cheesecake

18 cookies type maría 120 g

2 tablespoons of milk

60g liquid margarine

175g phildelfia cheese

3 eggs

250g condensed milk

Japanese cheesecake with strawberry jam

Cheesecake with strawberry jam

Steps to make a cheesecake in an air fryer

    In a container you are going to grind the cookies so that they are almost into powder

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    Add the 2 tablespoons of milk and the liquid margarine

Airfryer cheesecake
Airfryer cheesecake

    Mix the ingredients well until it is a thick consistency this Airfryer cheesecake

Airfryer cheesecake recipe , Cheesecake Airfryer

    Open your deep fryer and with a paper towel smear a little coconut oil on the bottom and around the pan.

    Put a parchment paper in the bottom of the container so that the entire bottom is covered

    Now put the mixture that you made with the cookies, milk and margarine on the bottom, this will be the base of your cheesecake when cooking it will be crunchy.

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    In your air fryer without preheating you will put it at a temperature of 175ºC and you will leave it for 15 minutes.    Now when the base of the cheesecake is cooked, you are going to prepare the rest of the cake.

    In a bowl add 175g of Philadelphia cheese, 3 eggs and 250g of condensed milk, stir the ingredients very well. And Airfryer cheesecake

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    When the 15 minutes are up, pour in the mixture that you just made with the cheese, eggs and condensed milk.     Now set the fryer to a temperature of 175ºc and this time you will leave it for 30 minutes.

    Now that time is up you will have a Japanese cheesecake and you can add jam and icing sugar to your liking. Bon Appétit!

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