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Can t resist food quotes

31 January, 2022

Can t resist food quotes

    “Laziness, does not fill belly .”

    “A hungry does not listen to reasons, nor is it pacified with justice , nor does it bow to any plea.”

Can t resist food quotes

    Lucius Anneus Seneca

Can t resist food quotes
Can t resist food quotes

the trovi in Hope

Food quotes literature

    “He who hope lives hunger dies

the trovi in good and bad manners

    “Sigh and yawn, hunger of the soul and hunger of the body.”

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Food quotes life

    “Until Christmas , you won’t be hungry or cold.”

the trovi in Job

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    ” Hunger spies in the house of the poor , but if working people inhabit it, it does not dare to enter.”

Food quotes lotrç

    Benjamin Franklin

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    “Between sheaf and sheaf, hunger bitter

From the book: 101 difficult questions, direct answers

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Food quotes lunch

    “There is hunger in the world because, for love of money , many people hoard infinitely more than they need, instead of practicing generosity and love neighbor as desire of God .”

    Lucas Leys

From the book: The boy with the bobbins

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Food quotes latest

    “The maturity of a person is always proportional to the hardships and the hunger that passes.”

    Pere Cervantes

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From the book: Sidi

    “There is nothing like hunger , right ? . To change points of view.”

    Arturo Perez-Reverte

Food quotes last bite

From the book: The Land of Last Things

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    ” Hunger is a curse that haunts every day and the stomach is a bottomless abyss , a hole as big as the world .”

    Paul Auster

Food lovers quotes

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    “The truly poor who deserve compassion and help are only those who, due to age or health , are unable to earn their bread with the sweat of their faces. Everyone else is forced to work one way or another, and if they don’t work and are hungry , it’s fault .”

    Carlo Collodi

Food love quotes funny

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    “Mistress! Love above all, love everything and everyone. Do not close your eyes to the filth of the world , do not ignore hunger ! Forget the bomb , but first do something to combat it, even if you don’t feel capable.”

    Sir Charles Chaplin

Food quotes funny

    “I also feel as Cuban as anyone else and I am capable of feeling in myself the hunger and suffering of any people in the Americas, fundamentally, but also of any people in the world .”

    Che Guevara

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    “The specters of hunger and misery rise up behind us, and to prevent us and our families from falling prey to their terrible claws, we all run after fortune , even if we have to conquer it, directly or indirectly, to the detriment of our fellow men. ”

 Food quotes for instagram

    Elisha Reclus

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    “For those who are starving reality . is not elusive, it is something that is there You can philosophize a lot about reality , about whether what we see is what it is and all that, but you have to reflect on the facts that have to do with the situation in the world .”

    Joseph Saramago

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Food quotes for restaurant

    “If it were easy to solve the problem of hunger , we would not hungry .”


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    “All the poor are free to starve under the bridges of Paris.”

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