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Don t waste your food quotes

31 enero, 2022

Don t waste your food quotes        

Don t waste your food quotes  , Are you hungry? If your stomach is protesting, you’re probably hungry, which is how you describe that uncomfortable feeling in your gut when you go too long without eating. Hunger is a gnawing sensation that can be suppressed by eating something.

Don t waste your food quotes
Don t waste your food quotes

For some people, getting food is not so easy; You can see the hunger in the eyes of the poor. If the hungry has a craving for a particular food, one could say that they are «hungry for» that food, like being hungry for macaroni after seeing an ad about macaroni. While you make time until dinner time you can read this collection of phrases, quotes and aphorisms about hunger.

Food quotes funny

the trovi in teachings

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    «An empty stomach is a bad counselor .»

    Albert Einstein

the trovi in Meal

    “The best sauce is hunger .”


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the trovi in Meal

    «No one can be sensible on an empty stomach.»

    George Eliot

    “ Hunger often produces poems immortal . Abundance, only indigestion and clumsiness.”

    Hippolytus Taine

Food quotes in  English

    “The people go hungry because their superiors consume in excess of what they collect.”

    Lao Tse

From the book: Pray with Pope Francis

    “With the Cross, Jesus joins all the people who suffer from hunger , in a world that, on the other hand, allows itself the luxury of throwing away day tons of food .”

    Pope Francisco

Food quotes short

From the movie: Gone with the Wind

    “I call God to witness that they will not be able to bring me down. survive, and when it’s all over , I’ll never go hungry , neither me nor any of mine. Even if I have to lie , steal , beg or kill, I call God witness that I will never go hungry !”

    Vivien Leigh – Scarlett O’Hara

the trovi in Feeding

    » Hunger is the companion inseparable sloth .»


Food quotes in indi

From the book: The Odyssey

    “There is nothing more inopportune than the accursed stomach that forces to remember him, and even one that is very afflicted and with great sorrow in mind, as I now have mine, forces to eat and drink. It also makes me forget all the evils that I have suffered; and commands me to fill it.”


Food quotes for restaurant

rom the movie: Marie Antoinette

    “- The people are starving …

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    «A million little children are starving and a silence falls asleep watching them.»

    George Debravo

Food quotes for business

    «The greatest opposite that love has is hunger .»

    Miguel de Cervantes

the trovi in food and kitchen

    » Famine and war, to see them a hundred leagues away.»

From the book: The Hunger Games

    «As long as you can find yourself, you won’t starve .»

    Suzanne Collins

Food quotes love

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    “The magician made a gesture and hunger , he made another gesture and injustice disappeared, he made another gesture and the war was over. The politician made a gesture and the magician .”

    Woody Allen

Food quotes for friends

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    » Money poisons when you have it and kills with hunger when you don’t have it.»

    Maxim Gorky

    “ Illness makes health good hunger glut, weariness rest.”

    Heraclitus of Ephesus

Food quotes love

    «My neighbor’s house

    two doors have two streets :

    when hunger enters for one,

Food quotes lord of the rings

    on the other virtue comes out.”

    Ventura Ruiz-Aguilera

From the television series: El chavo del ocho

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