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Food quotes for business

5 February, 2022

Food quotes for business

Food quotes for business, The culinary heritage is linked to childhood and the encounters that life puts along the way. As we learn, our kitchen improves and what was a weak point yesterday becomes a strong point today. You’ll be happy to go from ready meals to a feast of ravioli, duck foie mille-feuille and praline tarts!

Food quotes for business
Food quotes for business

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Muriel Barbery

Food quotes lord of the rings

    “Whoever is a cook can only be fully one by awakening their five senses.”

The writer and food lover Muriel Barbery makes a great culinary criticism through her book Rhapsody Gourmet . In this play the main character is a food critic who is about to die because she has an incurable disease. During this last period of life that she has left, the character tries at all costs to remember the best food that she has tasted in her life. Meanwhile, the beautiful phrases of her spread throughout the novel remind us that we must use all five senses to create an excellent dish. One of the most true chef phrases!

Food quotes literature

Loving, sharing and altruism are the keys to a job well done, especially in gastronomy.

kitchen proverbs

    “Cooking is a love story, you have to fall in love with the products and then with the people who prepare them.”

Ducasse knows it well and goes further: you not only have to fall in love with the products and the dish they are eating, but also with the people who prepare them! It is better be a generous soul to be able to give all this love.

Food quotes life

Alain Ducasse, originally from Monaco, built his palace on his family farm. He had everything at his disposal: vegetables in the garden, fish in the river, meat in the chicken coop or in the forest. He once said that his family only bought butter!

This way we better understand your passion for original products and your desire to spread love around you.

Food quotes lotrç

Other famous phrases of the French chef are:

    «It is important not to confuse fusion cuisine with confusion cuisine, which is what many chefs have done who have limited themselves to mixing meaninglessly…».

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