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Food quotes for instagram

5 febrero, 2022

Food quotes for instagram

Food quotes for instagram, We often have the impression that to do haute cuisine , you have to cook for hours, serve a complicated dish with many sophisticated flavors, but… Paul Bocuse says the opposite! And he’s not just anyone… He has three Michelin stars and is the best chef in France, the Pope of gastronomy, the chef of the century… Paul Bocuse’s distinctions are numerous.

Food quotes for instagram
Food quotes for instagram

Food quotes for instagram

However, he reassures little cooks that the simple and minimalist can also be sophisticated and resemble haute cuisine.

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Chef Paul Bocuse in his kitchen.

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jordi cruz

    «Cooking is not just a trade, it is a way of understanding life.»

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The demanding judge of the television program Masterchef Spain is clear: one is a chef inside and outside the kitchen, when he works and when he doesn’t.

Jordi Cruz is an example of perseverance and work, and this is what he shows in each edition of Masterchef, whether in the normal, junior or celebrity edition. No matter how old you are or whoever you are, you have to know that you come to the kitchen to cook.

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However, cooking has become an umbrella term that encompasses much more than preparing food: cooking is creating, cultivating, tasting, thinking, studying, reflecting, art, life…

This is how the chef understands it and this is how he has been recognized. Jordi Cruz has a total of 6 Michelin stars among his three restaurants: 3 for the ABaC restaurant, 2 for Angle and 1 for Atempo.

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In the same way, to be a good cook you need to be constantly learning. We cannot remain anchored in what we already know, no matter how good we are, we must always look forward. It is essential that we understand the new trends and are at the forefront of the techniques being used. At the end of the day, cooking is also a matter of fashion and you have to be up-to-date, follow fashion or know how to differentiate yourself… everyone can approach their career in the kitchen differently.

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Samantha Vallejo

    «There is nothing worse than poorly done haute cuisine.»

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