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Food quotes for restaurant

8 February, 2022

Food quotes for restaurant

Food quotes for restaurant, In recent years, fusion cuisine restaurants have proliferated. Sometimes it goes well but other times… we don’t really know what we’ve eaten. Fusion food has to take us to two places at the same time, that is the challenge. The worst that can happen is that we try a fusion cuisine dish and end up in no man’s land.

Food quotes for restaurant
Food quotes for restaurant

Food quotes for restaurant

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Motivational cooking phrases

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Alain Ducasse with some of his creations. Photo by GETTY IMAGES.

    «Excellence lies in diversity and the way to progress is to know and compare the diversities of products, cultures and techniques»

This is a statement that most chefs support. Staying at the forefront, knowing what is happening around the world, not always staying in the same… a great chef must be curious and have the desire to learn tirelessly.

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Guillaume Musso

    “The bad cook is the one who tries to hide the original flavor of the ingredient instead of enhancing it.”

Muriel Barbery is not the only one who was inspired by the kitchen to write a novel. Guillaume Musso in The Call of the Angel offers some cooking phrases through his character Jonathan, a great haute cuisine chef.

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Remember that in the kitchen, the goal is always to highlight the ingredient that one decides to use. Nothing is left or chosen at random. You have to be able to justify the use of a particular ingredient. Deglaze with apple juice to add acidity, flambé with whiskey to improve the flavor of the meat…

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When it comes to hiding one flavor for another, the dish cannot succeed.

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Paul Bocuse

    “Great cuisine can be a boiled turkey, a last-minute cooked lobster, or a salad picked from the garden and seasoned at the last minute.”

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