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Food quotes from chefs

8 febrero, 2022

Food quotes from chefs

    «Cooking is a bit like the cinema; it’s the emotion that counts.»

Food quotes from chefs , This quote from Anne-Sophie Pic, chef and owner of Maison Pic, is similar to Joel Robuchon’s about sharing and the excitement that a dish should provide.

Food quotes from chefs
Food quotes from chefs

Whether in haute cuisine or home cooking, one must not be selfish. When preparing creative cuisine, we must awaken the taste buds of the people who taste it. If there is emotion, the tasting will seem too short, but the brevity of this consideration will be even stronger.

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We all remember a dish, a starter or a cake that makes our taste buds fly. We can remember the texture, taste and appearance of that dish. A simple smell is enough to revive that emotion. For example, smelling toast in the morning and enjoying the taste of warm butter and sweet jam on crusty bread…

When a cook manages to do this, they can be considered a good chef!

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All the senses participate in a tasting. It should be the same in preparing a dish.

Pierre Gagnaire

    “Cooking is multisensory, it is aimed at the eye, the mouth, the nose, the ear and the mind. No art has that complexity.

We continue with French appointments. And to illustrate the evocation of the emotions that we have just mentioned, Pierre Gagnaire, a great French chef, explains that cooking makes all the senses of the human being work.

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Whether you are a cook or a consumer, it is important to think about using the entire palette we have to produce or consume a masterpiece. Because a dish is judged by its appearance, its smell and its taste, at least.

A cook must take this into account to avoid failing and exist through his dishes and the praise he receives.

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Do you also want to know what are the basic utensils to learn to cook ?

Barbara Costikyan

    «In the childhood memories of every good cook there is a large kitchen, a cook on the go, a cake to bake and a mother.»

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Barbara Costikyan, an American culinary critic, also reminds us through this beautiful phrase that all great chefs take a liking to cooking from an early age; very often thanks to a family member.