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Food quotes from movies

8 February, 2022

Food quotes from movies

    “Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.”

Food quotes from movies, Theodore Zeldin was not a cook, but an English historian and philosopher who believed that to be happy and self-confident, one had to eat well, try, taste and savor prestigious and delicate dishes.

Food quotes from movies
Food quotes from movies

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All great celebrations are around a table!

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Wanting eat traditional cuisine or gastronomic cuisine is wanting to be happy. Cooks must opt for local products to create gastronomic happiness.

Food quotes from movies

Aren’t we talking about a culinary orgasm when we enjoy a well-prepared and tasty meal? What if the kitchen could eliminate all loneliness, sadness and misery with a perfect food and wine pairing, a brunch with friends or a cooking workshop?

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Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but if we talk a lot about travel phrases to escape and create an illusion for a moment, cooking is an effective way to feel good and optimistic, whether it’s when we attend a cooking class, buy a piece of cake in the patisserie or try local products.

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Jean-Francois Trap

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    “We learn to cook with the kitchen of others and at a given moment, we make our own.”

What if these words by Jean-François Trap became your phrase of the day? The best quotes appeal to memory and fit into reality.

We all learn to cook with our mother or grandmother, to do the basics: how to cook pasta al dente, fry an egg without it getting hard, make a good sauce with onion and garlic, add the right amount of water to the rice…

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We only enjoy cooking when we learn the basics, a bit like learning to dance or play an instrument. You have to memorize the steps and master the scales before you can have fun cooking a dish.

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