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Food quotes last bite

8 February, 2022

Food quotes last bite

Food quotes last bite, Love quotes, happiness quotes or cooking quotes… These days they are everywhere. These inspirational phrases are very varied to wake up in a good mood and prepare to face a hard day at work. These quotes give optimism and good vibes!

Food quotes last bite
Food quotes last bite

Food quotes last bite

Cooking is a hobby of more than a million people, do you want to start in the kitchen? Could this task attract you trying to find positive thoughts and an appointment a day that motivates you?

Food quotes short

Discover the best cooking phrases to personalize the decoration of your kitchen and motivate you to cook.

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    “You can’t cook if you don’t like people.”

Joel Robuchon is without a doubt the most famous star chef in the world. With 28 Michelin stars, 17 workshops and other restaurants, this giant of French cuisine had not thought of developing a career as a chef in the beginning. Who’d say!

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Always willing to pass on his knowledge , he likes to make cooking accessible to everyone. His love for quality products and traditional recipes explain this quote that advocates love for others and sharing as a way of life.

Theodore Zeldin

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