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Food quotes sayings

5 February, 2022

Food quotes sayings

Famous vegans and vegetarians

Food quotes sayings, Did you know that there are many famous vegans? They take advantage of being internationally recognized to spread the message about the protection of animals, they participate in campaigns to defend them and whenever they can, they include this theme in their work . Meet some of the cars of the most famous vegan food phrases.

Food quotes sayings
Food quotes sayings

Food quotes sayings

    Paul MCCARTNEY. This singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and writer is known for having been part of the most famous group in history: The Beatles. He is also one of the most recognized vegetarians in the world, he says that he decided one day when he was fishing, when he reflected and never again ate an animal. He is not only part of PETA’s campaigns, but he also released a vegetarian-themed documentary and even has a food line that he created, along with his late wife Linda.

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    Brian May. The guitarist of the legendary band Queen is not only a vegetarian (on the constant path to being vegan), but he also created a sanctuary for domestic and wild animals in his home. May says that every creature has the same right to a good life and that humans should not abuse animals.

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    Morrissey. This controversial artist has said quite extreme phrases about veganism, however he is one of the most recognized musicians for his commitment to this lifestyle. Already in 1985 he released the album “Meat is murder” with his band The Smiths and today he continues to offer vegan food at his concerts, in addition to prohibiting the sale of meat at them.

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    Ellen Degeneres. This TV presenter and comedian stands out for showing herself as she is and it was not her exception when she made the decision in 2008 to change her diet for a vegan one after knowing the reality of animals in slaughterhouses and other means of production. She has always considered herself a lover of animals and she understood that if she was like that, she could not eat or exploit them.

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    Natalie Portmann. The actress who debuted in the movie “León, El Profesional” and won her first Oscar for her work in “El Cisne Negro” is also a vegan. He assures that it is not easy, but that you not only help the animals being, but also the planet earth, because the industrial exploitation of animals is responsible for most of the environmental pollution.

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