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Food quotes Shakespeare

5 February, 2022

Food quotes Shakespeare

Food quotes Shakespeare, Vegetarians and vegans also avoid wearing any type of garment or object made of leather or animal skin , as well as choosing brands of cosmetics and products that do not test on animals or include related ingredients. All this to avoid being part of the industry that is based on animal abuse in order to satisfy human needs.

Food quotes Shakespeare

Food quotes Shakespeare
Food quotes Shakespeare

As you can imagine, it is not an easy task, because if you think about it, many products and foods include animal ingredients , but the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a small big change from their place is enormous.

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Get inspired by the best vegetarian and vegan phrases to start with this great change in your life and that of animals.

Short vegan phrases

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There are phrases about veganism said by artists, thinkers, scientists … all of them reflected on the possibility of stopping living eating animals and their derivatives, changing their lives forever. If you have doubts about converting to this lifestyle, review these 10 vegan food phrases and make your decision.

    “That which has a face should not be eaten.” (Paul MCCARTNEY)

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    “If freedom means anything, it will be, above all, the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” (George Orwell)

    “The deepest minds of all time have felt compassion for animals.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    “From the murder of animals to the murder of men there is only one step.” (Leo Tolstoy)

    “The land lavishly gifts wealth and peaceful food. And it gives you food that is free from death and blood.” (Pythagoras)

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    “Whoever does not understand a look, will not be able to understand a long explanation either.” (Selenite proverb)

    “If modern man had to kill himself the animals that serve him as food, he would increase the number of those who eat vegetables without limit.” (Christian Morganstern)

    “The soul is the same in all creatures, although the body of each one is different.” (Hippocrates)

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    “By a mouth full of flesh we deprive a soul of sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time with which it was born into the world to enjoy.” (Plutarch)

    “Animals feel like men joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness.” (Charles Darwin)

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