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Food quotes short

31 January, 2022

Food quotes short

Food quotes short, 16. A gourmet, over time, becomes more and more simple. It is in simplicity where haute cuisine is found – Carlo Petrini (founder of the slow food movement)

Food quotes short

17. You can’t cook well if you don’t put your heart into it, since above all it’s about feelings of friendship and fraternity reigning around the table – Fernand Point (French chef)

Food quotes short
Food quotes short

18. We are much more than what we eat, but we can make what we eat help us to be much more than we are – Adelle Davis (American author and nutritionist)

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19. A meal without dessert is like a suit without a tie – Fernand Point (French chef)

Fernand Point phrases20. I believe in mestizaje cuisine, which is the fruit of the passage of time, of invasions, of emigration, of the integration of uses and customs of different peoples. In short, miscegenation is a product of history – Alain Dutournier (French chef)

21. The history of gastronomy is the history of the world – Carme Ruscalleda (Spanish chef)

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22. The love we feel for cooking is what motivates us to do things and evolve, always with consistency, which is something that many have lost their way – Paco Roncero (Spanish chef)

23. From a good feast you can forgive everyone, even relatives – Oscar Wilde (English writer, poet and playwright)

24. A cook cannot, by himself, govern his kingdom. He is in need of collaborators who understand what he is up to, what his vision of his world is. It is with all of them, with his energy, know-how and dedication, that the project ceases to be so to concentrate on reality – Andoni Luis Aduriz (Spanish chef)

25. I think that the experience consists of always taking a step beyond what at that moment you think is the best – Pedro Subijana (Spanish chef)

Food quotes spaghetti

26. Intelligently enjoy the pleasures of the table – Epicurus (Greek philosopher)

27. The personality of the chef must always prevail over the dictates of fashion or those that govern the different gastronomic guides, having as a major reference the most traditional dishes – Hilario Arbelaitz (Spanish chef)

28. No one can be sensible on an empty stomach – George Eliot (British writer)

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29. I am not looking for culinary prowess, I want to offer essential pleasures – Franck Cerutti (Italian chef)

30. The best banquet in the world does not deserve to be tasted unless you have someone to share it with – Groucho Marx (American actor, humorist and writer)

31. There is no secret where wine reigns. – Solomon

32. Eating healthy food is the simplest way to get rid of excess weight and become healthy and slim forever. – Subodh Gupta.

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33. We never regret having eaten too little. –Thomas Jefferson.

34. I have seen few die of hunger, of eating hundreds. – Benjamin Franklin.

35. Drunkenness does not create vices; It does nothing but expose them. – Luis Anneo Seneca

36. You are what you eat. What would you like to be? – Julie Murphy.

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