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Homemade pancakes

24 February, 2022

Homemade pancakes

oatmeal pancakes

Now let’s get a little creative.

Oatmeal, apple and cinnamon pancakes

oatmeal pancakes

Homemade pancakes
Homemade pancakes

Ingredients (for one person)

    1/3 cup oatmeal

    3 clear

    2 tablespoons of almond flour

    1 tablespoon of chia

    Some water


    1 sachet of Stevia

    1 apple


Cut the apple in two and place it in a pot with water. Let it boil for 15 minutes or until the pulp softens.

Homemade pancakes

In the blender or processor, mix the other ingredients, except the cinnamon.

souffle pancakes

Remember that the water is so that the mixture is not so heavy, so the exact measure is “a jet by eye”


When the apple has softened, with a spoon remove the pulp and add it to the mixture. Blend and sprinkle with cinnamon to taste. I left it for the end to get the ideal point of “apple-cinnamon” flavor. To cook this pancake recipe.

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