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Hot chocolate ocean my café

31 October, 2021

Hot chocolate ocean my café

3 hot chocolate recipes without sugar or milk

Hot chocolate ocean my café , Surely you have heard more than once that “clear things and thick chocolate”. Well, today I would like to invite you to rediscover the real thick chocolate … telling you things clearly!

Hot chocolate ocean my café

Hot chocolate ocean my café
Hot chocolate ocean my café

I have the impression that many people consider chocolate as a drink (the “colacao”) to be only for children. And I also see that thick chocolate is often relegated to special moments like Christmas, which we have just around the corner.

Chocolate my cafe recipe

I think that even many deprive themselves of the pleasure of a good thick chocolate for fear of gaining weight … Although just by smelling it one already begins to cheer up and feel like throwing oneself for one!

Well, you will soon see that you can quietly drink a hot chocolate – although not just any one – without your conscience smealing and without your shape or your health being harmed, but quite the opposite.

Cocoa, food of the gods

You may not know it, but hot chocolate already occupied a privileged place in pre-Columbian cultures such as those of the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs. The cacahuatl (word of the Nahuatl language -spoken in Mexico- which means “cocoa”) was a very appreciated drink, reserved for rituals, religious ceremonies or dignitaries.

The Aztecs prepared a red chocolate by mixing cocoa, chili and achiote(Bixa orellana,a red bean that dyes) in water. And it is said that Montezuma, emperor of the Mexicas, drank up to fifty cups per day(1). Cocoa was considered a gift from the gods and its beans were even used as a bargaining chip.

Thus, it is not surprising that Hernán Cortés became interested in this fruit upon his arrival in Mexico in the early sixteenth century(2), nor that later the cocoa tree was given the scientific name of Theobroma cacao,which means “food of the gods”.

hot chocolate recipe

But beyond divine venerations, at the medical level many of the beneficial properties of cocoa began to be verified, such as those of being a restorative (against states of weakness) and a psychostimulant (to combat apathy and depression), as well as its ability to promote digestion(3).

Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist, praised its qualities stating that “the cocoa bean is a unique phenomenon in Nature; we have never found so many qualities gathered in such a small fruit”(4).

An authentic “chocomania”

When imported to Europe, cocoa was a luxury product that sold more expensive than tea or coffee, and the elite took it mixed with honey or cane sugar, to sweeten its flavor.

Fruit of that “chocomania”, which in a way continues today, some thinkers and scientists have left their considerations about cocoa and hot chocolate written for posterity, such as these that I collect for their expressive force:

“Love chocolate with all your soul, without any shame, because remember: without a grain of madness, there is no reasonable man.” François de La Rochefoucauld, Maxima.

recipes about chocolate,

“Atseven in the morning she would bring me a cup of chocolate. I had never drunk anything like it. A chocolate to die for, soft, velvety, fragrant, stimulating. I couldn’t take my mouth away from the delicious edges of his cup.” Guy de Maupassant, The Tales of the Scholarship.

“The divine drink, which increases endurance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink allows the man to walk for a whole day without eating.” Hernan Cortes.

“Chocolateis obviously the material that dreams are made of. Rich, black, sedy and sweet dreams that disturb the senses and awaken passions.” Judith Olney, American writer.

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