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How to make keto pancakes with almond flour

6 enero, 2022

How to make keto pancakes with almond flour

How to make keto pancakes with almond flour, This is an easy recipe for Keto Pancakes Without Wheat Flour made with coconut flour, eggs, oil, water, and other ingredients in small quantities. They are salty pancakes to get out of the ordinary in a healthy way and maintain your ketogenic diet.

How to make keto pancakes with almond flour
How to make keto pancakes with almond flour

Flourless Keto Pancakes

Pancakes Without Wheat Flour

No wheat flour because I want them healthy. I have made them with coconut flour so that they are different from the common pancake, which are banana pancakes, sweet and with almond flour.

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These Pancakes are not as soft as the traditional ones, they have their structure so that you can accompany it with a good portion of proteins and do not break or lose shape.

Homemade Pancakes

I love homemade pancakes without using mix or premixes because these have many ingredients and perhaps a few are unknown.

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This recipe is 8 small keto pancakes. If you want twice as much, you just need to double the amount of the ingredients. Always remember to let the coconut flour sit for about 3 minutes.

Salted Pancakes

Although, sweet pancakes are very delicious, because they have a I don’t know what, they combine very well with sweet and savory topping and even both. But I wanted to do something different, some salty pancakes with salty topping.

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I have made a Hake Fillets in Lemon Sauce and Capers that was worldwide and I thought it was excellent to accompany it with a Simple and Salty Pancake. The combination was explosive, and in the end I added to the preparation an amazing olive oil with a pinch of merken. I share the image so that you like this recipe too, it is a success.

Filete de Pescado acompañado de Panqueque Sin Gluten

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Fish Fillet accompanied by Gluten-Free Pancake

Simple Gluten-Free Coconut Flour Pancakes

Coconut is a fruit rich in many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Making pancakes or tortillas from coconut flour is good enough to cover certain dietary needs that refined flours do not meet.

The only drawback with coconut flour is that it needs more egg or liquid material than other flours. But, if you can consume egg, then nothing happens and you can make this recipe.

The important thing is to make the first pancake and visualize if you like the texture as it is, or if you want it softer. What about coconut flour? It is a flour so rich in fibers that it absorbs a lot of liquid, so the amount of egg and liquid (water or vegetable drink) will vary a little, because we do not all use the same brand of coconut flour, and another factor that plays an important role is the size of the eggs.

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So the data is to rest the mixture about 3 minutes after processing it and make a first pancake as a test. You may have to lower the fire a little, if you do not want it golden, but to me this recipe seems to have been perfect.

Recipe for Flourless Keto Pancakes



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5 mins


30 mins


 1/3 cup Coconut Flour

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 1 tablespoon Golden Flaxseed Flour

 3 tablespoon Organic Coconut Oil

 3 Eggs

 1 teaspoon Baking Powder

 ½ cup Water

 1/3 teaspoon Pink Salt

 1 Pinch of Cinnamon Powder (optional)


1 – Heat a pan and place a film of oil on it.

2  – Add all the ingredients to a processor, there will be a homogeneous and liquid mixture, but as it is coconut flour and flaxseed you must wait for the fiber to absorb the water, then let the mixture rest a little, approximately 3 minutes and you will see how it gets dense.

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3  –    Add in the pan over low heat, a spoon to serve ice cream mixture. Distribute it by the surface and lid.

4  – Once the dimples come out into the pancake (about 2 minutes) turn it over and cook until ready.

5  – If the pancake has seemed very consistent and you want it softer, add a little more water and let it rest, and repeat the procedure.

6  –   Remove the pancake from the pan and place it on a rack. Continue with the procedure until the mixture is exhausted.

Healthy and Golden Pancakes

What are the benefits of coconut flour?

Coconut flour is a flour with a lot of fiber, very low in carbohydrates and its fat is of interest for the nutritious and beneficial for health. Remember to consume moderately as with all foods.

How much does coconut flour fatten?

Everything will depend on its healthy consumption. To answer this concern I leave the brand and nutritional information of the coconut flour I used.

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Organic Coconut Flour, COCOMI Brand

100% organic coconut flour, uses fresh and pure coconut meat. The flour has a smooth texture and possesses a subtle natural sweetness. It is high in fiber, rich in protein, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Nutritional information: One serving is 15 grams, about 1 tablespoon. This serving has 68.1 kcal,2.40 g of protein, 2.70 g of total fat, 8.55 g h. of carbon, 2.85 g of total sugars and 5.55 g of dietary fiber.

How is coconut flour consumed?

Coconut flour is consumed like any other nut flour, but it is prepared differently. It can be used in pastry, bakery and confectionery. You just have to consider that you are going to need more egg and more liquid.

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How to replace wheat flour with coconut flour?

The rule is 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of coconut flour per 1 cup of wheat flour.

Due to its high fiber content, more eggs will be needed to keep the mixture compact, so 1 egg should be added for every 20 to 30 g of coconut flour..

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 If you do not consume eggs,you can use the replacement of chia seeds or ground flax seeds. It is one tablespoon of these seeds (separated or together) in three tablespoons of water.

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