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Is tiramisu italian

8 December, 2021

Is tiramisu italian

Is tiramisu italian, If we think of typical Italian desserts, it is likely that among many others, one of the best known is the famous tiramisu . Tiramisu is said to be the fifth most recognized Italian word among non-Italians, after pizza, spaghetti, espresso, and mozzarella. And although today it enjoys international fame, in its beginnings it was not related to the cream of the crop of society. I invite you to learn a little more about the dark past of tiramisu .

Is tiramisu italian
Is tiramisu italian

Is tiramisu italian

Let’s first examine some legends. One of them says that tiramisu was invented in the 17th century in honor of the Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III de Medici , but it soon became the favorite dessert of courtesans who ate it before doing their homework for extra energy. . It is said that in the local dialect, tiramisu means “lift me up or shake me”.

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Another story goes that it was invented in Turin in the mid-19th century at the request of the Prime Minister of Italy, Camillo Cavour, a renowned gourmet who needed something to “lift” him as he faced the task of unifying the Italian peninsula . Another story goes that it was invented in brothels. Since medieval times Treviso, a city in northeastern Italy, was known for its famous “pleasure houses”. In brothels, the most requested dish was tiramisu, in fact some considered it as a type of aphrodisiac .

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In the beginning, tiramisu was made exclusively with scrambled egg yolks and sugar, and was served in glass cups with a spoon, more like a custard . In brothels, this dessert was offered to clients after their sessions, with the aim that they recover and obtain the strength to continue spending in the brothel.

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Tiramisu was so important in these businesses that the brothels had exclusive contracts with local farmers to supply them with a large quantity of eggs each morning. Cookies, mascarpone, and coffee were added later. All of this came to an end when in 1958 the Italian government closed the brothels.

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The closure of the brothels made tiramisu legal . It is said that Le Beccheri e, a restaurant in Treviso, was the one that saved and adopted the recipe, popularizing it outside the sexual enclaves. According to legend, it took Carminantonio Lannacconne, owner of the restaurant, two years to perfect the dessert to the delicious mix of strong coffee, creamy mascarpone, eggs, fluffy cookies and Marsala wine.

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