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Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

15 September, 2021

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

Low carbohydrate protein bread recipe

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten, Today’s recipe is a low carbohydrate protein bread , without flour and very easy to make. Suitable for diabetics and celiacs.

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

It’s been a long time since I had to start making some kind of bread. I have never been very panarra and I do not usually make bread, but I admit that there is nothing I like more than the smell of fresh bread.

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten
Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

That smell that permeates the whole house, that smells warm, home, that is comforting and that fills all the little corners of your body … I love it ♥

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

In addition, you have asked me bread a lot of times, and I am aware that I have to put the batteries because there are not many recipes on the blog (in 2 years it will surely change things, because I’m going to get serious) .

And of course, with the issue of diabetes, bread … are carbohydrates to cascoporro. That is why I have not wanted to publish any recipe before, these things I need to look at them in time to be able to give you the best (within my possibilities). So how do I make a bread without carbohydrates?

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten
Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

Well, thinking about it a lot, I ended up making this bread. I have made 5 muffins with it because it reduces the baking time, and because I like it better to eat them. You can make a single loaf of bread without problem, but keep in mind that it will need more time in the oven (1h approx).

Is it a bread without carbohydrates?

It is very difficult to make a bread without carbohydrates , even if we do not use any type of flour , because well, the rest of the ingredients may have a little bit. Of course, I promise you that it has a much smaller quantity than conventional bread.

As you will see in the nutritional information, it is a bread with a high protein content and low in carbohydrates. It is ideal for people with diabetes, celiac disease or who follow ketogenic (keto) diets.

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten
Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

    It is a protein bread , high in protein

    It is also a low-carbohydrate bread (not without carbohydrates)

    It’s easy and quick to do

    You do not need time to raise (what you save)

Taste and texture of this protein bread

As for flavor and texture , I will tell you that it is not the same as that of bread, but it is very rich. The flavor is determined by the cheese and the seeds (the egg touch is very mild in taste). As for the texture, on the outside it is crunchy, like the crust of any bread, the crumb is fluffy but it is a bit moister (no one is fooled here). However, taking into account how good it comes out and how good it is nutritionally … I would give it a try 😉

Fluffy protein bread

Being so neutral, it looks great with both salty and sweet ingredients. It seems to me a great option for breakfast , with a little jam , fresh cheese or avocado. You can also eat it with a meal, and it can be useful if you are trying to reduce the carbohydrates in your diet but are very used to eating bread.

What are those ingredients?

It is possible that, when you see the list of ingredients, there are a couple that sound like Chinese to you (the rest are very common). Nothing happens, I will explain what they are and where to find them, which is very easy.

The psyllium , psyllium or is the seed of a plant that, when mixed with water, is compacted and form a gel. In today’s protein bread, it will add texture and volume. In addition, it goes very well for the diets of people who want to lose weight, because by absorbing the liquid in our intestines, it helps us to evacuate more easily.

I have bought it in a store of organic products, although there are also in herbal stores and in a lot of online stores.

As for chia , it is a plant native to Mexico, widely used in Latin America and increasingly used in Europe as well. It contains calcium, antioxidants, vitamins, Omega 3, proteins, potassium … and in addition, its high fiber content also makes it ideal to combat constipation and help prevent blood glucose peaks. In our bread, it will give volume when swelling.

I hope you like the recipe, and see if I can make more breads! 🙂

Nutritional information

Each roll / portion of this protein bread 80gr contains:

    246,2 kcal

    2,1gr HC

    10.8gr proteins

    9.52gr fiber

To appreciate the difference, an 80g roll of white bread contains about 40g of carbohydrates. There it is.

Low carbohydrate protein bread recipe

Today’s recipe is a low carbohydrate protein bread , without flour and very easy to make. Suitable for diabetics and celiacs.

Servings 5

Preparation time 15 min

Cook time 30 min

Ingredients for Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

    40 g of psyllium husks

    2 tablespoons chia seeds

    2 tablespoons flax seeds

    16 g of baking powder (baking powder)

    a pinch of salt

    150 gr of light cream cheese

    3 eggs L (approx 60gr)

Step-by-step elaboration of the Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

 In a bowl, we put all the dry ingredients: psyllium husks, chia seeds, flax seeds, yeast and salt. We mix well.    Add the eggs and cream cheese, and knead with love. You can start to integrate it with a spatula and then go on to knead with your hands.

Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten
Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

When we have it well kneaded, we will have a compact and sticky dough. We divide it into 5 balls of about 80gr each.    Knead each ball a little more and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

With the oven previously preheated, we bake our protein rolls for 30 min at 180º.    Let cool on a wire rack for 15min, and voila!    Protein bread without flour.Calories: 246.2 kcalDish: keto bread

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Nutritional information Keto bread recipevital wheat gluten

Calories: 246.2 kcal | Carbohydrates: 2.1 g | Protein: 10.8 g | Fiber: 9.52 g

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