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Keto breakfast bowl

13 octubre, 2021

Keto breakfast bowl

Keto breakfast bowl, In our previous blog post we explained what a Keto Plan consists of, how to achieve a state of ketosis and what are its possible benefits.

Keto breakfast bowl

Today we want to delve a little more into the subject of ketogenic diets, and for this we will talk about what are the foods that cannot be missing in this, those of moderate use and those that are not recommended. Finally, and at the end of the article we will provide you with an example of a weekly menu so that you can put this type of diet into practice.

Keto breakfast bowl
Keto breakfast bowl

Keto breakfast cups

Foods to use in a Ketogenic Diet

 Size does matter! ; that is, many foods have sugars (whether added or their own), so it will be important to weigh them so as not to leave the state of ketosis.

 Drinks allowed on a Keto Diet . Coffee, herbal teas, tea and water. Sugar-free soft drinks could stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin due to their high content of artificial sweeteners; Furthermore, we must bear in mind that if we are seeking to improve our health, we must discard soft drinks from our diet as much as possible, whether with or without sugars, regardless of the nutritional plan we are following.

Table with foods suitable for a Keto Diet :


Example weekly menu Ketogenic diet 1500 – 1600 kCal / day:

Keto breakfast biscuits

Those of you who follow us know that in Yo Soy Mi Dieta we are advocates of counting calories, and although leading a keto lifestyle is governed by the premise of eating mainly from fat sources, we must not forget that they are very caloric foods and that, Regardless of what results we hope to achieve, to be achievable they have to be measurable.



    Scrambled eggs with two eggs, 50 gr of Serrano ham

    2 units of wassa fiber bread.


    Green leafy salad, cherry tomato and carrot (total 200 gr) with 20 gr of grated mozzarella cheese and 60 gr of avocado.

    Salad dressing: 15 grams of Heinz Sauce + 10 grams of olive oil.

    250 gr of veal chop.

250 gr of baked trout accompanied with 250 gr of piquillo peppers.

Keto breakfast without eggs

Bowl with a whole natural yogurt, an ounce of chocolate 70/85% cocoa (about 13 grams) and 15 grams of hazelnuts.


CALORIES: 1643 kCal

FATS: 86.15 gr

PROTEINS: 165.21 gr




    French omelette with two eggs and 25 gr of semi-cured cheese.

    2 units of Pan Wasa Fiber.


Keto breakfast near me

    180 gr of aubergine stuffed with 200 gr of minced chicken meat and 100 gr of crushed natural tomato. Season with spices to taste such as salt, oregano, garlic powder, etc.

    Cook with 10 g of olive oil.

    200 gr of grilled emperor.

    Tomato, onion, lamb’s lettuce salad (total 200 gr), 50 gr of olives stuffed with anchovy seasoned with 10 gr of olive oil and apple cider vinegar to taste.

    Bowl with a skyr-type protein yogurt (120 gr), 20 gr of walnuts and an ounce of 70/85% cocoa chocolate.


CALORIES: 1447 kCal

FAT: 84.41 gr

PROTEINS: 120.29 gr


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