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Keto breakfast eggs

13 October, 2021

Keto breakfast eggs


Keto breakfast eggs, Another classic that could be interpreted as lunch or dinner, but for a healthy breakfast it is an ideal option. To do this you need:

    2 eggs

    50 grams of low-fat cheese

    50 grams of ham cut into small pieces

    1/2 cup of milk

    1/2 cup whole wheat flour

    1 tablespoon of olive oil

    Salt and pepper to taste

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Keto breakfast muffins

Beat the eggs in a bowl until the white and the yolk are mixed, it is not necessary to continue for much longer. Then, you should add the flour, milk and salt and pepper to taste.

Keto breakfast eggs
Keto breakfast eggs

In a non-stick pan, put olive oil over medium heat and, when hot, add the mixture until it covers the bottom of the pan, making it about half a centimeter thick. Add the cheese and ham and fold the tortilla. Turn, cook and serve. A great healthy breakfast to start a long day.

Healthy breakfast with avocado and egg

The combination of avocado and egg is excellent. Both flavors complement each other very well and both foods are a source of healthy fats and other components that are positive for the body.

Keto breakfast cereal

    Half an avocado

    1 egg

    If you like, ham or a similar ingredient

Cut the avocado, remove the seed and save the other half for another breakfast or lunch. The egg can be served as best suits the taste of each. It can be made poche, hard, stirred. That part is up to the individual’s choice.

Egg and spinach omelette

It seems like a recipe for lunch or dinner, especially for the predominant tastes in Argentina, but it can be consumed perfectly in the first meal of the day and make a healthy breakfast . The egg and spinach are a tasty combination and they provide a lot of nutrients. 

Keto breakfast on the go

To do it you only need

    1/4 kilo de espinacas picadas

    2 huevos

    Una cucharada de aceite de oliva o de cualquier tipo

    Sal y pimienta al gusto

Batir previamente los huevos con sal, pimienta y hierbas aromáticas al gusto. Luego, en una sartén con antiadherente, sofreír a fuego medio todos los vegetales en aceite de oliva, revolviendo constantemente sin dejarlos quemar. Distribuir uniformemente los vegetales en la sartén y agregar los huevos batidos. Dejar dorar la tortilla, voltearla con la ayuda de una espátula y servir.

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