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Keto breakfast foods

13 octubre, 2021

Keto breakfast foods

Keto breakfast foods, These last two recipes from our top are shared by our dear Manu Echeverri on her YouTube channel. The strawberry parfait is a sweet alternative for breakfast, especially for those who want to enjoy a snack while burning fat.

Ingredients to cook Keto breakfast foods

Keto breakfast foods
Keto breakfast foods

    56 g of mascarpone cheese or cream cheese

    15 g heavy cream

    10 drops of liquid stevia

    30 g of almond milk

    A few drops of vanilla extract

    12 g walnuts

    4 medium strawberries

As you can see, this recipe is very easy and we can also enjoy it as a dessert in the afternoons. This parfait is a great idea if it gives us something sweet, light and full of flavor, ideal to complement our keto diet and have a great morning.

Keto breakfast foods

To close this top with a flourish we present this amazing sandwich with bacon bread. It’s so delicious and easy to make that you won’t believe it until you make it at home with your own hands.

Keto breakfast smoothie


    5 slices of bacon in halves

    1/2 avocado

    3 eggs

    28g pepperjack cheese

    10g fresh spinach

    Salt and pepper to taste

Keto breakfast ideas no eggs

This gourmet breakfast is one of the best recipes to eat before doing a good exercise routine . Keto diet recipes prove to us once again that they adapt to any lifestyle, allowing you to burn fat fast while eating deliciously to anyone who dares to try it.

Nutritionist advising person on ketogenic diet

As with all diets, you should always consult a doctor before starting one. This diet, despite its incredible results, should not be maintained in the long term nor is it recommended for people suffering from obesity, as it can cause counterproductive effects such as fatigue, mood swings and constipation.

Keto breakfast sandwich

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the forbidden foods from the diet. This eating plan prohibits foods that disrupt ketosis, such as sugar, refined flours, and conventional carbohydrate-rich cereals. However, other types of foods are allowed in reduced quantities, such as legumes, dairy products and exotic fruits.

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