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Keto breakfast restaurants

9 octubre, 2021

Keto breakfast restaurants


Keto breakfast restaurants, Easy and healthy breakfast ideas – start the day with energy!

It’s time to take care of ourselves, to think about what we eat and to fill our bodies with foods that give us energy. Let go of bad habits and take care of yourself. It’s time to spend more time on what we eat, don’t you think? 

Keto breakfast restaurants
Keto breakfast restaurants

Keto salad

At Leche Únicla we always say that taking care of yourself is milk and for this reason, today we bring you some ideas to add to your breakfasts, easy, healthy and very tasty. And so take advantage of the fact that we have more time on vacation and enjoy a «good morning» full of nutrients and energy. Take note that here we go!

Healthy breakfast: a unique and energetic awakening

On vacation we usually have more time and it is time to take advantage of it to dedicate breakfast the prominence it deserves. In fact, according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), in a report it made on the ‘State of the breakfast situation in Spain’, only 25% of Spaniards make an adequate breakfast in terms of energy and variety.

Keto bread

In fact, for a breakfast to be adequate it is necessary that its ingredients include dairy products, cereals and fresh fruit. Since they will provide all the energy for the day to day. We tell you some ideas of foods that you can include in your easy, healthy and very rich breakfasts:

1.The essential for a healthy breakfast: some toast full of energy!

Sweet or salty, to taste. But always add some toasts (of whole wheat bread) to your healthy breakfasts, since they provide the necessary carbohydrates. Any ideas:

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    Avocado toast with turkey and fresh cheese.

    Whole wheat sandwich with smoked salmon, spinach and fresh cheese.

    Tomato jam, fresh cheese and Serrano ham toasts.

    Scrambled eggs, turkey and fresh cheese sandwich.

    Some sweet buttery toast and homemade strawberry jam.

2. A classic: cereals with cold milk

Since we like summer and from the beginning of the day, everything we drink has to be at a cool temperature, right? Therefore, a classic of a healthy breakfast is to add cereals and milk to the menu. Any ideas: 

    Oatmeal porridge with milk.

    Wheat and milk cereals.

    A mix of dehydrated fruit, whole grains and milk or yogurt (to taste).

    Oatmeal with soy or milk yogurt, raspberry and papaya.

 3.The piece of fruit so that everything fits in your healthy breakfast

A healthy and complete breakfast should include the vitamins that a piece of fruit gives you. It is true that many times taking the fruit «without more» does not feel like it (even if it is very tasty), so we give you some ideas for you to include fresh fruit at breakfast: 

Keto breakfast bake

    Mango, banana and strawberry smoothie.

    Beet and mango juice.

    Milk smoothie with blueberries.

    Orange and banana juice. 

Now you may be thinking: which one do I start with if I like ALL the ideas? Relax, take advantage of the fact that we have 7 days a week to include one of them each day. Make your breakfast a unique moment !

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