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Keto burn

12 December, 2021

Keto burn

Keto burn, If you are one of those who love pasta , especially lasagna and cannelloni , but are nevertheless following a keto diet or any other low carb diet , do not worry, this recipe may be your salvation. You can see also this keto recipe and keto diet .

Keto burn
Keto burn

The keto diet or ketogenic diet is gaining more and more followers, since it is a diet in which you usually see quick results without going hungry. However, the great handicap of these diets is that you have to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates from carbon since the stricter do not allow an intake of carbohydrates carbon than 12-14 grams a day.

In addition, the keto diet does not usually allow a tribute day, in which you can eat whatever you want, but rather allows a day in which you can (and should) load up on carbohydrates , that is, increase your carbohydrate intake , but without passing you.

This recipe for keto cannelloni is a version for those who miss eating pasta, or simply, for those who love pasta, but not the amount of calories it gives us.

keto cannelloni

For the recipe keto zucchini cannelloni we will need to use this magnificent vegetable . The zucchini is a vegetable that contains a very low rate of carbohydrates (about 3 grams per 100 grams of product), so it becomes a food ideal if we are in ketosis .

In addition to a couple of small zucchini, we will need other ingredients, such as minced meat , which we will use for the filling.

We can use the type of minced meat that we want: chicken , beef , pork or even a mixture of several. It all depends on our personal tastes, and also on the calories we want to add to our keto cannelloni . In my case I have chosen mixture of meat of pork and beef .

Another essential ingredient in this recipe will be cheese . We will need two types: sliced and cheese powder style Parmesan- cheese .

We will also need a seasoning special for pasta . This type of seasoning, which is a mix of different spices such as oregano , thyme , pepper, etc. They are usually for sale in most supermarkets and large stores dedicated to food. If you can’t get one, I recommend using thyme and oregano .

We will also need onion powder and garlic powder . All recipes are customizable, but, to my liking, oregano , garlic and thyme are condiments essential in any pasta dish that we want to prepare.

As for the tools that we will need to prepare the keto zucchini cannelloni, there is an essential one: the potato peeler . It is a cheap tool, for sale almost anywhere such as large supermarkets, bazaars and stores kitchen utensil .

In short, to cook keto zucchini cannelloni we only need a potato peeler , the ingredients necessary and a lot of desire to enjoy a low-calorie dish and low-carbohydrate .

Stay and read this recipe and learn how to make this dish that will make you forget the cannelloni of a lifetime.

Ingredients for Keto Zucchini Cannelloni

    Minced meat (500 gr)

    2 small tender zucchini

    Natural tomato in pot

    7-10 slices of cheese

    Parmesan-style cheese powder

    Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)


    Pasta spices

    Salt and pepper

 How to make keto zucchini cannelloni

1. We prepare the oven

We preheat the oven with heat from above and below to 200º . It is important that this step is the first thing we do, since, in this way, once we finish assembling the zucchini cannelloni keto , the oven will be ready to use.

2. We prepare the zucchini

We wash the dry zucchini and them with a cloth . With the help of a knife we remove the front and back, as shown in the photograph.

zucchini cannelloni

It will be the turn to use the potato peeler . We will cut thin strips of zucchini and place them in a separate bowl. We will try to make the strips of a similar size, so that the is more comfortable for us assembly .

keto cannelloni

We roll each strip zucchini on itself, forming a kind of tube and place it in the oven-safe container. Zucchini has a unique texture, so it will be easy to place it in the container without losing its shape.

We do the same with the rest of the zucchini strips until the entire container is completely filled. Once we have placed all the zucchini, we sprinkle spices from the pasta seasoning and season.

3. We prepare the meat

We put a frying pan on the fire and add oil. When it is hot add the minced meat and stir with a wooden spoon.

When the meat is over, we lower the heat to a minimum and add the natural tomato . We will use around 50 grams of tomato . It is not advisable that we go over quantity, since, on the one hand, the tomato releases a lot of juice, and on the other, if we want to include this recipe in our keto diet we must control the grams of carbohydrates .

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zucchini cannelloni

It is time to use the onion and garlic . By using both ingredients in “powder format”, we will counteract the juice released by the tomato , so we will have a drier mixture, and, therefore, we will optimize the final result of our recipe .

keto for beginners free

We add around a tablespoon of onion and a teaspoon of garlic . We can take advantage of and add any other spice that we like, such as an extra touch of oregano , marjoram , thyme or even rosemary . We turn off the heat and let it 2 minutes rest for .

4. Fill the zucchini tubes

Now, with the fire off and with the help of a spoon, fill each of the zucchini tubes . We distribute the evenly meat without forgetting to leave none of the without filling tubes .

zucchini tubes

 5. Add the cheese

Time to put the cheese on . In this case, I have chosen a cow’s cheese , but you can take the one you like the most, even goat cheese , as long as you like the flavor.

Personally, if you are following a keto diet, I recommend that you choose the cheese that has the least carbohydrates , always.

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We cover the tubes with slices of cheese . Do not worry if you have to break the slices of cheese to cover it completely, since the important thing is that there is no gap left uncovered.

cheese cannelloni zucchini

As a final touch, add Parmesan cheese on top of the cheese slices . Normally, for a gratin , are used breadcrumbs . If you are not on a keto diet, you can use the one you like the most, since cheese , although it is a product suitable for ketosis, is not exactly a food light .

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We sprinkle a little parmesan cheese and we put careful not burn the pan to the oven . Whenever you go to cook and you need to use the oven, you should have good on hand mitts that isolate the heat, otherwise you will burn yourself.

cheese cannelloni zucchini

We put the tray in the oven and watch from time to time. We’ll know keto zucchini cannelloni are ready when they start to take on a color on toasted brownish top (watch out, toasted, not burnt).

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6. Serve keto zucchini cannelloni

When the cannelloni have already been au gratin , we turn off the heat and open the door oven , letting it rest for about 5 minutes (we can take the opportunity to put the message in the meantime).

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The cannelloni Keto zucchini are certainly an excellent choice as alternative to paste , whether you’re following a keto diet , or simply want enjoy a tasty dish and satisfying at the same time have a contribution low calorie .

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