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Keto grocery list

11 December, 2021

Keto grocery list

Keto grocery list , f you want to be able to lose weight quickly but without starving, the keto diet or ketogenic diet seems to be one of the most recommended. This high-fat diet that goes against all popular dietary beliefs would, in fact, be very effective for losing weight while enjoying better health. Let’s see then the best ideas and recipes for a Keto menu for a full week.

Keto grocery list

Keto grocery list
Keto grocery list

In this article you will be able to discover a week of menus compatible with the ketogenic diet as well as the best ideas of keto recipes . But before looking at that weekly menu, we want to talk to you about which foods are allowed in the keto diet and which are prohibited:

Foods allowed on the keto diet

    Vegetable oils






    Tofu and soy

    Unsweetened green vegetables



    Dairy products

Forbidden foods on the keto diet

    Starch (Starches)



    Cakes, cookies, cakes

    Sugar and sweet products

    Prepared meals and processed foods


    Most fruits

    Sweet vegetables: beets, carrots, etc.

In practice, cutting out all carbohydrate sources can seem quite complicated. For good reason, carbohydrates are everywhere in modern food, which is why we help you then now with this sample menu for a week of the keto diet, Monday through Sunday.

Keto Menu: Monday


    Green Tea

    Lemon water

    Coconut yogurt with bitter cocoa and hazelnuts


    Green salad

    Cauliflower risotto with bacon

    Handful of oilseeds

keto for beginners

    Tomato salad

    Mushroom and salmon omelette

    Mixed yogurt with blueberries

Keto menu for a week tomato salad

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