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Keto pasta

12 December, 2021

Keto pasta

Keto pasta  , Today I bring you a delicious pasta or cheese gnocchi with cauliflower, a low carbohydrate recipe designed especially for all people who follow the KETO diet or ketogenic diet, which is a diet high in fat and protein but low in carbohydrates.

Keto pasta
Keto pasta

Keto pasta

Keto Pasta – No Carb Pasta

Cauliflower pasta with cheese

Servings: 4 watch Preparation: 30 minutes

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This pasta is delicious accompanied by a pasta sauce, they are like super rich cheese fingers.

Be careful: this recipe DOES contain fat, it is recommended for people who follow the KETO diet that allows them to consume fat, but if you have high cholesterol problems I recommend you measure your portions very well and eat it only on special occasions.

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It is perfect at lunchtime or even as a snack, it is also very simple to prepare.

Here I share the MACROS of this recipe:

Per serving: (the amounts I give you in this recipe are for four servings in total)

281 kcal

28.75 g protein

10 g carbs

32.25 g fat

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In this recipe we use cauliflower which is a natural anti-inflammatory, is rich in vitamins, fiber and improves kidney function.

The most important tip for this recipe is to remove all the water you can, both the cauliflower and the mozarella cheese release a lot of water so make sure you drain them very well so that you have the right consistency to be able to shape them.

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If you are looking for more KETO recipes, I recommend these tortillas without carbohydrates made with spinach, you are going to love them.

Remember that before starting any diet you should first consult your doctor and nutritionist to make sure you are following the correct diet

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