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Keto to lose weight

12 December, 2021

Keto to lose weight

Keto to lose weight, ou will lose between 2 and 4 kgs. in the First Week of the Keto or Ketogenic Diet . We send you all the food already prepared for these first 7 days of the diet and you will not have to cook or look for recipes, you will have everything . Here you can see a summary of the Keto or Ketogenic diet You can see also this keto recipe and keto diet .

Keto to lose weight
Keto to lose weight

You will receive:

– Breakfast each day

– 1 Plate for daily food

– 1 Plate for dinner each day

– Keto Bread

– You will receive each meal in an airtight container that you can keep in the fridge fresh, without having to freeze it. You will only have to heat in the microwave or on the fire for a few minutes.

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* All recipes are very low in carbohydrates with 5 gr. or less for every 100 gr. so that you are between 30 and 50 gr. daily carbohydrates and benefit more from your weight loss

You will receive all the food so that you have three for each day, one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.


– The ideal is not to snack between meals, so you should stay well full

– Salads : if you see that you are hungry, you can prepare a salad of lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, etc. You can add tuna, onion, tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, cheese, smoked salmon, oil, salt, vinegar, etc. but always low in carbohydrates (look at the label, in Carbohydrates that have 5 grams or less for each 100)

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– We send you Keto bread , to take away your desire for bread if this is your case. You can even spread it in butter, as it is allowed in the diet

– Siempre beber durante las comidas. No está permitido el alcohol. Sólo están permitidas bebidas light que aporten como máximo 1 caloría por vaso, como por ejemplo Coca Cola Light, Zero. Puedes beber agua por supuesto, agua mineral, agua con gas, Te, Café.

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– Sobre la sal: añade la que necesites, no está restringida

– Walk at least 20 minutes a day

To do the diet well, you should also buy these products in your usual store:

– Greek yogurt , with 5 gr. or less in carbohydrates per 100 gr.

– Dark Chocolate , of at least 85% purity

– Cooked Ham , if possible without added sugar

– Cured Cheese

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Below you have the diary with the meals you should take. If you do not feel like eating a tupperware one day and you prefer another, you can change it without problem. The important thing is that you eat what we send you, regardless of the order, you can modify it at will:

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