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Keto tortilla chips

7 octubre, 2021

Keto tortilla chips

Keto tortilla chips, An example of one day í to Keto diet is as follows:

    Breakfast : two fried, scrambled or escalofados with avocado half crushed eggs, two slices of jam or No halloumi cheese and a caf é alone.

    Food : a fillet of salmon grilled or fried in butter with pur é cauliflower and some esp to trigueros rragos or prawns with the garlic br he or coli rehogado and a whole plain yogurt for dessert.

Keto tortilla chips

    Merienda: un puñado de nueces de Macadamia o barritas caseras de almendras con mantequilla de cacahuete.

Keto tortilla chips
Keto tortilla chips

    Dinner : «naked» beef burger (with lettuce leaves instead of bread) with melted cheese.

    Drinks : water, caf é alone, green tea or tea without az u car.

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Keto tortilla chips


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