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Lose weight fast workout

22 octubre, 2021

Lose weight fast workout

Lose weight fast workout, Energy density from 4 to 9

    Fruits and vegetables,     Potato and corn,     Whole grains,     Legumes,     White fish and seafood,     Turkey ham,     Skimmed and soy milk,     Vegetable broths,     0% yogurts

Lose weight fast workout
Lose weight fast workout

    Meats,     Poultry,     Eggs,     Cheese,     Pain,     Fried and breadcrumbs,     Industrial cookies and cakes,     Pizza,     Sauces type mayonnaise,     Viennese pastries and pastries,     Cold cuts

    Margarines,     Butter, Consume fruits and vegetables

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It is important to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day as part of a diet. These are low in calories, high in fiber, water and antioxidants. A plate should be 50% filled with vegetables. So your diet meal will have a much better chance of filling you up with fewer calories.

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One serving of fruits and vegetables is equivalent to:

    250g of vegetables

    1 bowl of salade

    1 apple

    250g strawberries

    2 kiwi

    Half a melon

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Promote protein

Proteins are satiating foods, they constitute the substantial part of the meal. They are very important in a balanced diet because they provide stable energy and keep you from feeling hungry between meals. They act a bit like speed regulators: consuming them with each meal provides energy to the body throughout the day. To lose weight, protein should be 20% of total calories.

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Some foods rich in protein to include in the diet to lose weight:




    Lean meats,     Dairy products 0%,     Legumes,     Soy and tofu meat substitutes,     Oilseed butters (limit to 1 teaspoon per day)

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Favor dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has its place in a diet meal. They reduce appetite and promote weight control in two ways. On the one hand they slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood, on the other hand they swell in the presence of water and give the stomach the feeling of being full.

Lose weight fast workout

It is recommended to consume 25 to 30g of fiber per day. By consuming fruits and vegetables with each meal, whole grains and legumes, this contribution of 30g is quite achievable.

Some tips for increasing your fiber intake as part of a diet:

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    Choose whole breads and starches

    Add oat bran to dishes (yogurts, soups, salads, etc.)

    Make your own juices by mixing fresh fruit

    Add seeds and nuts to dishes

    Consume legumes by adding them to your salads, soups and dishes

Have a light meal in the evening

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In the evening, the body no longer needs as much energy as during the day. It is therefore necessary to adapt the meal accordingly and not to consume more than 30% of the calories of the day at dinner. For an adequate meal, you can refer to the model designed by the nutritionists of Harmonie Santé, illustrated opposite.

Here are some tips for reducing the calorie intake of dinner:

    Choose a medium plate

    Half of the plate should be occupied by vegetables

    A quarter of the plate should be filled with starchy foods (about the size of the palm of the hand)

    In the other quarter, place the portion of meat or substitute (100 to 150g maximum)

    Take the time to eat calmly

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    When you are no longer hungry, stop eating. You should never force yourself to finish your plate if you are full