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Lose weight program

23 octubre, 2021

Lose weight  program

Lose weight  program, Be careful though, sugary drinks like fruit juices, sodas and syrups should not replace water. They are high in hidden calories and can hold back your weight loss. Tea and coffee without sugar can help hydrate the body, but your consumption should not exceed 2 to 3 cups per day.

Have a snack in the afternoon

Lose weight  program
Lose weight  program

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A good snack in the afternoon is useful for weight loss. It allows you to split the diet and prevent cravings that lead to devour anything, anytime. By having a snack in the middle of the afternoon, you will naturally eat less at the evening meal. To be nutritious, the snack must contain carbohydrates and protein. Here are some examples of balanced snacks:

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    1 apple and 5 to 6 nuts

    0% yogurt with honey and some flax seeds

    0% white cheese with fresh raspberries

    30g of muesli in 1/2 cup of soy milk

    1 slice of wholemeal bread and 30g of low-fat cheese

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What menu to lose weight? Some recipe ideas

Weight loss menu – Woman – 1400 kcal

Morning              Berlin Breakfast (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, cream cheese, banana and milk)

Lose weight  program

Collation              Cup of green tea

Midday                Cajun fish fillets, spinach with raisins, A slice of bread (whole wheat) and Yogurt and berries

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Collation              Raw vegetables and cheese

Evening               Vegetarian chili with tofu (made in advance) and Parboiled brown rice

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Weight loss menu – Men – 1800 kcal

Morning              Cancun breakfast (yogurt, homemade granola, apple, whole wheat bread and peanut butter)

Collation              Cup of green tea

Midday                Orange fish and clam soup, Tomato and feta cheese salad and Two slices of bread (whole wheat)

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Collation              Milk and orange

Evening               Chicken and peppers stew with citrus fruits (made in advance), Parboiled brown rice and Fruit bowl

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Thermogenesis is the metabolic process that turns food into energy. Some foods and nutrients have the effect of increasing thermogenesis more than others, but in a modest way. This is the case, for example, with proteins, green tea and cayenne pepper. In one study, the active compounds in green tea (catechins and caffeine) and those in cayenne pepper (capsaicin) combined with calcium and tyrosine slightly increased energy expenditure.

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