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Lose weight program online

22 October, 2021

Lose weight   program online

Lose weight   program online, Want to lose weight but the diets tested so far haven’t worked? So maybe it’s time to change your method!

    Good news: I am against overly restrictive diets, I encourage my clients to change their eating habits and exercise, and this is the only method I have had lasting results with.

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    Bad news: my method does not allow you to lose weight quickly like “lose 10 pounds in 1 week”. I prefer a slower weight loss but over the long term without yoyo effect.

Lose weight   program online
Lose weight   program online

So which slimming program to choose: Those who advocate taking your time or those promising immediate results?

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What if I told you that it was possible to lose weight quickly and well, even allowing yourself a few variations from time to time … The whole point is to have a program and to be well informed.

➔ Programme Nutrition

➔  Programme Sport

3 fundamentals for a successful diet

  1. Motivation

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The first prerequisite for losing weight is to be motivated. Whether it is on your diet or on sport , you will always want to give up. At such times, remember why you are doing all this and what your motivations are. The first week can sometimes be difficult but you will see, the first kilo lost is encouraging!

  • realistic goals

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Set goals and stick to them, BUT don’t set goals too high – it’s the best way to lose motivation. A goal of losing 1 kilo per week is already very good! And no need to step on the scale twice a day to look for an evolution. Again once a week is sufficient, on a fixed day for example every Sunday. And if the weight loss is less than your expectations, don’t panic it happens!

3- go gradually

Take it little by little, don’t go to nothing overnight. The human body is sensitive and requires time to adapt, it does not like too sudden changes. This advice applies to both physical exercise and diet. If you don’t exercise, don’t impose yourself 1 hour a day every day.

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Three types of body fat

There are three types of adult body fat: subcutaneous fat (between skin and abs), visceral fat (behind abs, around internal organs); body fat according to the sex of the individual. Each of these types requires a specific control strategy.

1. Visceral fat

As the name suggests, visceral fat is mainly stored in the abdominal cavity, pushing the belly forward. The more obese a person is, the more fat of this type they have. And it is precisely the visceral fat that gives the individual the silhouette of an apple.

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Cardio exercises are the most effective against this type of fat. Anyone who claims to have achieved significant weight loss through running mostly got rid of visceral fat. If you are able to tuck your stomach in, you have little that type of fat.

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2. Subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat makes up about 40-60% of body fat. It is the fat that you can feel under the skin. Aerobic exercises have less impact on the elimination of subcutaneous fat. Apart from that, one should follow a low calorie diet.


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