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Losing weight walking 2 miles a day

22 octubre, 2021

Losing  weight   walking 2 miles a day

Losing  weight   walking 2 miles a day, Would you like to lose weight quickly in a week ? Here is how you can shed a few pounds in an effective and healthy way.

Do you have only one week left extra to lose your last pounds before your vacation or before a wedding? How to lose weight in such a short time and especially in a healthy way ? Here we present our tips and advice to put the odds in your favor.

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Can you lose pounds in a week? Yes it’s possible. The body can lose between 2 to 5 kg in a week! But this is not necessarily fat: your body loses mainly water during the first days. Diets that promise you weight loss in a very short period of time can give weight loss results, but after a while your body will store even more and you will gain more weight than you lost. This is what we call the yo-yo effect .

Losing  weight   walking 2 miles a day
Losing  weight   walking 2 miles a day

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How to avoid it? Simply by giving yourself enough time to reach your weight loss goal and changing your diet to have a healthy diet for the long haul .

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How to lose weight ?

To lose weight, you must first be in a calorie deficit . This means that your daily calorie intake (what you eat during the day) must be less than your daily energy expenditure (what your body expends on energy during the day). You have two options for getting a calorie deficit :

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    You can burn the calories accumulated during the day by playing sports .

    You can make sure you have a healthy diet . Your calorie deficit should average between 300 to 500 kcal per day, no more .

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Editor’s tip: Have no idea what your daily calorie intake is? Try our calorie calculator , it’s free !

The importance of nutrition

In general, what is important in your eating plan is your calorie balance , whether it is for weight loss or for muscle development. Here are some tips for losing weight fast .

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1. Drink more water

Stay hydrated throughout the day (about 2 to 3 liters of water per day). We often confuse hunger with appetite . Water has no calories and is satiating: in addition to hydrating your body, you also avoid any untimely snacking.

Don’t you know how to go about it? Here are our tips for drinking more water every day.

  1. Increase your protein intake

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A high protein diet is not only helpful for mass gain . Eating more protein keeps you fuller for longer , which is great when you want to lose weight. Also, know that protein takes care of your muscles – and strong muscles automatically burn more calories .

Our advice: with our Whey , you can be assured of having a healthy and delicious protein intake . And for a version lower calorie , you can count on our  Shape Shake .

3. Don’t starve yourself

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This is one of the main rules: don’t skip meals or eat less ! On the contrary, make sure you eat enough and until you are full . By choosing the right ingredients, you can indulge yourself in quantity, without feeling frustrated . What to satisfy his hunger in an intelligent way.

Fruits and vegetables

Here is a list of foods you can eat at will :

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    Salad,     Spinach,     Broccoli,     Squash,     Pickles,     Tomato,     Courgette

    Cauliflower,     Asparagus,     Pepper,     Mushroom,     Red fruits,     Watermelon


4. Reduce your salt and sugar intake

Sugar and salt are the enemies of successful weight loss . Too much salt can lead to water retention and weight gain. Also, salt is a natural flavor enhancer . Products that are too salty, such as crisps, wake up your appetite and make you want to continue eating , even if you are no longer hungry.

Sugar, like in simple carbohydrates , should be avoided for your weight loss. These simple carbohydrates provide too many calories and negatively impact your insulin levels . You will be hungry more quickly and you will feel tired more quickly because you will have hypoglycemia spikes. To avoid this, we recommend that you prefer complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates. Your body will take longer to digest them and you will be fuller for longer!

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Here is a list of complex carbohydrates:

    Rice,     Potatoes,     Lentils,     Quinoa,     Amarante,     Buckwheat,     Peas,     Beans

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