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Losing weight walking

22 October, 2021

Losing  weight   walking

Losing  weight   walking , Because when we limit ourselves to following these “miracle” diets to the letter, we do not take into account our neurophysiological regulatory systems for food intake. The more time passes, the more desirable the discarded foods become. Until the moment we crack and drop our arms. We have entered a mode of ” cognitive restriction “, which paradoxically leads to eating more and poorly, while on the contrary we are trying to lose weight. We then alternate phases of total restriction excluding “forbidden” foods, with phases of overeating or bulimia to find comfort in the food . And it is a vicious circle that sets in … Not to mention the guilt that points its nose and only “feeds” the failure that we are already experiencing.

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On the other hand, these ultra-fast diets, which we tend to repeat, since they lack effectiveness over time, can be dangerous for our health capital , whether physical or mental. They are known to have a strong impact on bone capital, liver, kidneys, heart, arteries or the endocrine system. But they also cause eating disorders , depression , chronic anxiety , stress …

Losing  weight   walking
Losing  weight   walking

Our 8 tips to help you lose weight sustainably and quickly

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Lasting weight loss doesn’t happen in a few days. It is about changing in depth his eating behavior , that is to say his relationship with food , the way we think about eating. This can only be done gradually . There’s no point in running, you have to start on time, right?

To lose weight quickly and sustainably, don’t set yourself a “weight” goal!

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Don’t be too demanding and don’t look for the unattainable. Content yourself with reconnecting with an intuitive diet , based on listening to your food sensations of hunger, fullness and your appetites, and let your body decide on its weight . Your balance weight will then settle, the only one we can hold without effort or deprivation.

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Plan actionable strategies to lose weight sustainably

” I will eat more vegetables, I will limit fat and sugar, I will reduce my consumption of soda… “. All your resolutions will turn into tyranny if they don’t match your true food desires . Wouldn’t the best strategy instead be to listen to your hunger , to eat when it is there, to stop when it is no longer there?

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To lose weight, tidy up your kitchen and you will avoid snacking!

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“ The disorder leads us to nibble! This is the conclusion reached by Lenny R. Vartanian, Kristin M. Kernan and Brian Wansink, researchers at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, the nutrition and eating behavior laboratory at the University of Ithaca in the State. from New York.

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Their research: “Disorder, chaos and overconsumption – The role of state of mind in a stressful and chaotic food environment”, was published in the scientific journal Environment & Behavior (“Environment & Behavior”) 1 .

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