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Tiramisu allrecipes

7 December, 2021

Tiramisu allrecipes

Tiramisu allrecipes, We propose in this recipe to prepare a tiramisu similar to the traditional one but with a different touch, since we are going to use cream cheese to make it. Keep reading and go ahead and prepare this Philadelphia tiramisu that we will explain step by step how to make in a simple way.

Philadelphia Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu allrecipes
Tiramisu allrecipes

We are going to prepare a delicious Philadelphia tiramisu , a variant of the traditional preparation that is very rich and easy to prepare. Here you have the complete recipe.

Philadelphia Tiramisu Ingredients:

– 400 gramos de queso cremoso Philadelphia

– 125 gramos de azúcar

– Bizcochos de soletilla

– Two large eggs

– Cocoa powder

– A splash of Cognac

– A glass of freshly brewed coffee

Philadelphia Tiramisu

Philadelphia Tiramisu Preparation:

We will start by preparing, as we always do, the coffee that we will use to make the Philadelphia tiramisu , since it is best to use it once it has cooled down well. We do it in the coffee pot that we usually use, but we do it well loaded, so that it adds a good point of flavor to the freshly brewed coffee to the tiramisu once it is made. We already start with the detail of the preparation, do not lose detail so that it comes out perfect.

Tiramisu recipe no alcohol

We are going to separate the yolks of the eggs on one side and the whites on the other, each one in a different container. To the yolks we add the sugar and beat them with a mixer with some rods, until they are mixed to form a yellowish cream. Then we add the Philadelphia cheese, a creamy cheese that looks great in the recipe, and we beat everything again until a homogeneous mixture is formed, which we will reserve for later use.

Tiramisu recipe without ladyfingers

In the other container where we had the whites, we add a pinch of salt and we are going to mount them to the point of snow, beating with intensity and patience, since we need them to mount well and have a good consistency, so that they do not go down once mounted . When we have managed to assemble them well, we are going to add them to the other container, where we had mixed the yolks, the sugar and the Philadelphia, but we do it carefully so that they do not fall, and we mix them gently with enveloping movements, until we it is a well integrated mixture with a lot of volume.

Tiramisu recipe

Now we are going to take the container in which we are going to assemble the tiramisu , which we recommend that it be rectangular or square and deep, and we will place a first layer of the cakes in it so that they cover the entire bottom. We add a little cognac or any other liquor to the coffee, and with that mixture we are going to moisten the cakes that we have placed, so that they are wet but not soggy, since we want the base to have consistency, but moisten them well so that they do not remain dry afterwards.

Tiramisu recipe easy

Then we cover a layer of the cream that we had prepared, more or less half, covering well the cakes and the gaps that remain between them. We repeat the process placing another layer of cakes, but this time they are well soaked, and on top we pour the rest of the cream, forming another layer.

Tiramisu recipe best

We finish by sprinkling a layer of cocoa powder on top and leave in the fridge to set well, for which it will need at least 12 hours. And once that time passes, the only thing left to do is enjoy this delicious Philadelphia tiramisu .

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