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Tiramisu brownies

7 December, 2021

Tiramisu brownies

Tiramisu brownies, Undoubtedly one of the recipes that most like when making a tiramisu that is not the traditional one is this that we now detail. With it, you will be able to make a great chocolate tiramisu , which will surely delight your guests.

Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu brownies
Tiramisu brownies

Learn how to prepare one of the richest variants of the most traditional tiramisu that you can find, since this chocolate tiramisu is a delight that chocolate lovers will love.

Chocolate Tiramisu Ingredients:

– 250 grams of mascarpone

– 75 grams of sugar

– 500 ml of whole milk

– 250 ml of whipping cream

– Soletilla biscuits

– 3 large eggs

– Cocoa powder

Chocolate Tiramisu

Preparation of Chocolate Tiramisu:

This chocolate tiramisu is a version of the traditional recipe that we usually prepare a lot at home, because it especially loves the little ones, but also those who love chocolate. As you will see, it maintains the essence of the tiramisu classic , but chocolate is very present in the final result of the dessert. We show you below the detailed step-by-step recipe so that you are encouraged to prepare it at home if it catches your attention.

Tiramisu recipe healthy

We will begin to prepare the chocolate, since we need it not to be hot when it is used in the recipe. We are going to do the same with half a liter of milk and cocoa powder, adjusting the amount of it according to the intensity that we want to give it flavor. You can use sugary cocoa or add the sugar separately, as you prefer. If the milk at room temperature does not mix well, heat it a little to help dissolve the chocolate well, so that there are no lumps, and then let it cool completely.

Tiramisu recipe italian chef

On the other hand, we will beat the eggs together with the sugar, with the help of some rods, so that they mix well and form a whitish and dense cream. Once this is done, add the mascarpone and beat again slowly until it is well integrated and forms a homogeneous cream.

Tiramisu recipe food network

Then in another container we are going to whip the cream, until it is well mounted and with enough body, and we pour it over the previous container, so that with some manual rods we can make them mix well, always smoothly, so that the cream does not fall apart. This will be the final cream that we will use for our tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe original

We are going to use a wide and deep container, rectangular in shape if possible. First we place a layer of cakes well dipped in chocolate, so that they are soft but trying not to break. We cover the base of the mold well with them.

Tiramisu recipe ina garten

 On top we pour a layer of the previous cream, well distributed. On it we put another batch of biscuits dipped in chocolate, this time well soaked. And then we pour another layer of cream. So until always ending in a layer of cream.

Tiramisu recipe from scratch

Above we are going to finish by adding a good capita of cocoa powder or grated chocolate, to give it a touch of chocolate flavor and garnish the a bit tiramisu . At the end we put it in the fridge and let it set and cool well, at least 12-14 hours, to eat it with the right texture, although better if you leave it until the next day. And it’s that simple to prepare this recipe chocolate tiramisu , we hope you like it.

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