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Tiramisu eggless

8 diciembre, 2021

Tiramisu eggless

Tiramisu eggless
Tiramisu eggless

Servings 8

Needs a couple of hours’ rest

Preparation time

20 min

Total time

20 min

Tiramisu recipe with alcohol


    Coffee 250 ml

    Fresh egg 3 size L

    Sugar 100 g

    Mascarpone 500 g

    Savoiardi or egg cakes 200 g

    Pure cocoa powder

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Tiramisu recipe alcohol

Traditional method

    Prepare the coffee, at the time of use it will have to be very cold.

    Separate the yolks from the whites, put them in two different bowls.

    Assemble the yolks with the sugar, beating them with electric stirrers for about 5 minutes until they are very foamy. When they are ready add half of the mascarpone, beat with the rods until it is completely incorporated then add the remaining part of the mascarpone and add it with a spatula, gently with enveloping movements from the bottom up.

Tiramisu recipe without ladyfingers

    Wash and dry the rods well and mount the egg whites on very firm snow (if you turn the bowl over, they don’t have to fall).

    Add the whipped whites little by little to the mascarpone cream and incorporate them with the spatula, gently from the bottom up.

Tiramisu recipe without mascarpone

    Put the coffee in a deep plate and go wetting the cookies one by one, on both sides (you do not have to soak them in the coffee or take a long time in the operation if they will not be squashed).

    If you prepare the tiramisu in a large source, start by placing the cookies until the bottom of the source is well covered, if you are going to make individual glasses you can start with the cream, then put the cookies. Pour a layer of cream on top of the cookies and repeat with the cookies and cream.

Tiramisu recipe mascarpone

Tiramisu without mascarpone recipe

Tiramisu recipe with mascarpone

Tiramisu without ladyfingers récipe

    Sprinkle the surface with pure chocolate powder using a fine mesh metal strainer, cover with transparent film and store in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours before serving. Repeat this operation when serving. Store the classic tiramisu in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

With Thermomix

    Prepare the coffee and let it cool.

    Separate the whites from the yolks.

    Place the butterfly in the glass, put the egg whites and program 37º C, 3 minutes speed 3.5 until they are very firm. Pour into a bowl and reserve.

Tiramisu recipe mascarpone

    Without washing the glass and with the butterfly on put the egg yolks and sugar, program 4 minutes vel.3. During this time, open the glass a couple of times to lower the mixture to the bottom.

    Añade la mitad del mascarpone y programa 10 seg. vel. 3. Vierte el contenido del vaso en un bol y agrega el mascarpone que queda, muy suavemente y con una espátula.

Tiramisu without mascarpone recipe

    Añade las claras que habías montado a nieve mezclando con una espátula con movimientos suaves de abajo hacia arriba.

    Continue with step 6 of the traditional method.


    It is best if the eggs and mascarpone are at room temperature when you use them.

    It is important to use very fresh eggs.

    In a well-made tiramisu, the base of the dish does not get soaked with coffee.

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