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Tiramisu giada

6 diciembre, 2021

Tiramisu giada

Italian tiramisu. Original recipe . It is a well-known dessert, whose peculiarity is that it is made with cakes soaked in coffee. Here you will have the traditional recipe to make it. And therefore, you will be adding a bit of Italian culinary culture to your cookbook. To prepare this original recipe for homemade Italian tiramisu, you will need these ingredients.

Tiramisu giada
Tiramisu giada

INGREDIENTS for 8 people

    500g of mascarpone cheese

    16 sponge cakes

    6 eggs

    200g sugar

    200ml of espresso coffee

    50ml of cognac or brandy

    Cocoa powder


Tiramisu recipe without eggs


Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here are the steps to prepare this traditional homemade tiramisu:

    We prepare the sponge cakes.

    In a bowl we add the coffee and the brandy. We stir with a spoon for a few seconds to mix them. Afterwards, we soak the soletilla cakes here. We let them soak well, and we reserve on a plate.

Tiramisu recipe olive garden

    In another bowl we place the egg yolks, the sugar and a pinch of salt, and beat.

Tiramisu giada
Tiramisu giada

    When the cakes have been soaked, in another large bowl, put the egg yolks, sugar and a pinch of salt. Then, with a rod – better than electric – we beat everything for a couple of minutes, until we obtain a homogeneous dough, with a creamy texture and a whitish color.

    We add the mascarpone cheese

Tiramisu recipe no egg

    Once this mass is obtained, we add the mascarpone cheese. Again we mix everything again until it is well integrated

    We mount the whites of the eggs to the point of snow for our tiramisu

    In a third bowl, we place the egg whites. Afterwards, we beat for about 3 minutes, until reaching the snow point. That the whites end up in a fluffy dough, that we turn the bowl over and do not fall.

Tiramisu recipe without alcohol

    Add to the bowl of the mascarpone cheese and the yolks, this point of snow.

    We add to the bowl where we had the cheese mixture, the yolks and the sugar, this point of snow. Mix all the ingredients well, with the help of a spatula, and making enveloping movements. Thus, we make sure that the snow point does not go down. With this, we will have what will be the cream of the homemade tiramisu.

Tiramisu recipe eggless

    It is the turn to assemble the tiramisu.

    In a mold we put a first layer of the cakes soaked in coffee. On these cakes, and covering them evenly, we add half of the cream that we had prepared. Then we sprinkle cocoa and repeat this process one more time to mount a second layer, ending with more cocoa.

    We reserve in the fridge and serve.

Tiramisu recipe simple

    Once we have our dessert assembled, we take the mold to the fridge, and let it rest overnight. Finally, we remove and serve.

Tiramisu original recipe . A dessert that is easy to prepare, with a sweet taste and a touch of cognac, to temper the mood and accompany a quiet after-dinner, after a good meal. Do it at home!

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