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Tiramisu in a cup

29 noviembre, 2021

Tiramisu in a cup

Tiramisu in a cup, Do you want to prepare a delicious Tiramisu in a glass? As you may well know, Tiramisu is a very good Italian dessert that is usually made in a bowl and then served in portions. Today we are going to prepare it in individual Martini-type glass glasses and thus the presentation is much more beautiful. It is topped with cocoa powder that gives it the final touch. It is very easy to do at home and the result is spectacular.

Tiramisu for two opi gel

Tiramisu in a cup
Tiramisu in a cup

Prepare your own Soletilla Biscuits.


    500 grams Mascarpone cheese

    130 grams Soletilla biscuits (Melindros)

    6 Eggs

    150 grs. Sugar

    200 ml. Coffee

    100 ml. Black rum

    200 grams Dark chocolate

    Cocoa Powder

    A pinch of salt

Tiramisu trifle

PREPARATION of the tiramisu:

    We will separate the whites from the egg yolks. With some electric rods we will mount the whites with a pinch of salt to the point of snow. Half-assembled we will add half of the sugar and we will finish mounting the whites.

Tiramisu in a cup
Tiramisu in a cup

    We will beat the yolks with the rest of the sugar. They have to be whitish. We have beaten them for about 4 minutes.

Tiramisu coffee

    We will add the mascarpone cheese to the yolks a couple of times. We will beat it with the electric rods until everything is integrated.

    We will incorporate the whipped whites with enveloping movements from the bottom up, trying not to lower the mixture. It has to be fully integrated.

    We will mix the coffee with the rum and put it in a dispenser. We will chop the chocolate by putting it in a plastic bag and with the mortar stick we will beat it and thus we will get small pieces.

Is tiramisu italian

    We will put the chopped soletilla cakes at the base of the glass and then we will bathe them with coffee and rum.

Tiramisu in a cup
Tiramisu in a cup

    Next we will put the tiramisu mixture in a pastry bag and we will make a first layer of tiramisu. On top we will add some chocolate chips. On top, another layer of chopped soletilla sponge cakes that we will also bathe a little with the coffee.

Tiramisu martini

    Finally another layer of tiramisu until reaching the edge of the glass. We will smooth a little and decorate with the rest of the chopped chocolate.

    We will keep the glasses in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

Tiramisu in a cup
Tiramisu in a cup

    At the moment of serving the tiramisu, sprinkle on top with cocoa powder.

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