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Tiramisu opi

8 December, 2021

Tiramisu opi

Prepare this delicious coffee dessert: tiramisu with cream cheese.

Weather: 25 min. approx.

Servings: 4 approx.

Tiramisu opi
Tiramisu opi


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    300 grams of cream cheese

    1 cup of whipping cream

    1 spoon of vanilla

    ½ cup of sugar

    3 cups of soletas or vanilla cookies

    1 cup of strong espresso or instant coffee

    Cacao en polvo

Tiramisu without mascarpone recipe

Cream cheese is a star ingredient in the kitchen for its versatility, but do you know what it is made of?

The tiramisu is one of the desserts without oven most delicious commonly made based coffee , cheese mascarpone and egg .

This version is much cheaper, just as delicious and if you don’t love the idea of ​​eating “ egg raw ” it is definitely perfect for you.

Tiramisu recipe with mascarpone


    CREAM the cream cheese with 3 tablespoons of the coffee (it should be cold).

    ADD sugar and vanilla to cream cheese mixture and beat until incorporated, set aside.

    BEAT cream until stiff peaks form.

    MIX whipped cream into cream cheese in an enveloping manner.

Tiramisu without ladyfingers récipe

    DIP cookies into coffee, one at a time, arranging one layer of cookies and one layer of the mixture cream cheese tiramisu .

    REFRIGERATE tiramisu for at least 3 hours or until solid.

    DECORATE the tiramisu with a little cocoa powder.

    ENJOY this Cream Cheese Tiramisu, no egg!

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