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Tiramisu when pregnant

8 December, 2021

Tiramisu when pregnant

Preparation time

40 minutes

Number of servings

6 persons

Recipe Category



    Soletillas cakes

    500 g of mascarpone

    Cocoa powder

    80g sugar

    3 whole eggs

    4 yolks

    Cold coffe

We are going to prepare the authentic homemade tiramisu recipe . A dessert that does not go out of style, in addition to being simple and delicious, that we can version as we like best.

Tiramisu when pregnant
Tiramisu when pregnant

Tiramisu recipe authentic

Yes, with these 7 ingredients we are going to make the recipe for the best tiramisu classic . But if you want to prepare this recipe for the little ones at home, you can substitute the coffee for a delicious Cola Cao, for example.

How to make homemade tiramisu:

Tiramisu recipe traditional

    Before we get to work with this piece of Italian tiramisu recipe , we prepare the coffee , and let it cool in a source. We put it in a source so that it cools more quickly.

    Once cold, we reserve it, and we separate the whites from the yolks .

Tiramisu recipe italian

    Now, we take a large bowl or bowl and we mount the egg whites , to the point of snow, with the help of some hand rods, or an electric mixer. When we have the whites assembled, we store them in the fridge, and continue.

    We take another bowl, and we introduce the yolks together with the sugar . Next, we mount them with the same rods until we have tripled their volume.

Tiramisu recipe vegetarian

    Then, little by little, we add the tempered mascarpone cheese to our whipped yolks, and stir with the rods until we get a smooth cream, without lumps. This is key!

    Subsequently, we add the egg whites , also little by little, and integrate them with enveloping movements until we achieve a homogeneous, perfectly united mixture. We booked. All that remains is to assemble the floors of our delicious homemade tiramisu !

Tiramisu recipe giada

    We take some soletillas cakes, and we put them in the coffee. Once wet, not soaked, we take them and place them at the base of the source that we are going to use to serve this delicious dessert of Italian origin .

Tiramisu recipe without eggs

    As soon as we have the entire base covered with the wet soletillas, we put a layer of the cream that we have reserved in the fridge with the eggs and the mascarpone. We repeat the same process until the mold allows us. We will finish with a layer of the mascarpone mixture.

    Finally, we sprinkle a little cocoa powder all over the tiramisu. To do this step with precision we can use a strainer, this will help us not to have globs of cocoa.

Tiramisu recipe olive garden

    Ready! We put it in the fridge for about 4 hours , or overnight so that the flavors settle, and the cream takes the necessary consistency.

To enjoy! Take it out 10/15 minutes in advance and sprinkle again with a little cocoa powder. You will love the result.

Tricks to get the perfect tiramisu:

    The mascarpone cheese must be of quality. Before we start preparing this classic tiramisu, it should be at room temperature.

Tiramisu recipe no egg

    The coffee must be very cold so that the cakes absorb the necessary amount of coffee, and are not soaked. We submerge them for a few seconds. We can add a splash of brandy, or Baileys to the coffee, and thus give it a different touch.

    It is very important when mixing whites, to do it with enveloping movements the whipped and with a spatula so that the cream does not lose the fluffiness created, and the air that we have integrated when mounting them.

Tiramisu recipe without alcohol

If you are as fans of this easy dessert as we are, you will surely take advantage of almost every occasion to prepare it, right? Well, we are in luck since we have the tart version, yes, yes, how does a sound to you tiramisu cake ?

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