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Tiramisu layer cake

8 December, 2021

Tiramisu layer cake

The best recipes to make Tiramisu

The Tiramisu is a dessert of Italian origin that is really popular in almost all the world, and specifically in our country is quite successful and we can usually find in pastry shops and restaurants.

Tiramisu layer cake
Tiramisu layer cake

The tiramisu is a cold dessert, which consists of several layers usually all bathed in coffee, forming a fluffy and very tasty cake.

There are many different recipes to prepare tiramisu , of which we are going to show you the best and most varied, so that you are encouraged to prepare them at home. We hope you like them.

Tiramisu Recipe

We present you a traditional recipe to make tiramisu , a delicious dessert of Italian origin that is known worldwide. We detail you step by step how to do it so you can easily prepare it at home. Before starting with the homemade Tiramisu recipe, we inform you that, in this update, the amount of mascarpone has been reduced to 500gr.

– 500 grams of mascarpone

– 300 grams of sponge cakes

– 175 grams of sugar

– 250 ml of freshly brewed coffee

– 7 large eggs

– Cocoa powder to decorate

– A splash of liquor (Optional)


Tiramisu recipe eggless

Tiramisu Preparation:

The tiramisu is one of those desserts that have crossed borders and can found in almost any part of the world, not only in Italy, his country of origin. Like all traditional recipes, there are differences between one and the other, the typical variations depending on the area from which the recipe comes. This one that we show you below in detail step by step is one of the most common that you can find, with a totally traditional preparation. We are going to prepare a tiramisu in a rectangular container of about 40x25x7 centimeters, if you are going to make a smaller one, keep in mind that you must maintain the approximate proportion of the ingredients to fit your container. Let’s go with the recipe.

Tiramisu recipe simple

It is essential when making a good tiramisu to use the right cakes, which in this case are the type cakes Savoiardi , the most common to find in any Italian supermarket. They are the cakes that we know here as soletilla cakes , and they are nothing more than thin and elongated cakes (hence their name in English, “lady fingers”), made of eggs and that are very spongy, with a light layer of sugar on top. They are ideal for preparing tiramisu because of their ability to absorb liquid without breaking.

Tiramisu recipe healthy

We will start by making the coffee, since we need it to be fresh but to have cooled down before using it. Do it as you usually do, with your coffee maker, but it is interesting that you make a rather intense coffee that adds that touch of flavor to our tiramisu once it is ready. It is usually added a touch of liquor in a traditional way, especially if the little ones in the house are not going to eat it. If you want, you can add half a glass of any liquor to the coffee, although the one that is usually used is the well-known Amaretto. Once we have the coffee ready, with or without added liquor, we let it cool completely while we continue with the preparation of the tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe italian chef

We are going to separate the whites from the egg yolks, and put them in different containers. We put the egg whites in the fridge to keep them cold, and we are going to beat the yolks together with the sugar, using manual rods or a mixer with its rod accessory. Once they are mixed well, forming a yellowish cream, we add the mascarpone and mix again as best as possible, until we have a homogeneous mixture. Always try to use a quality mascarpone, since the flavor and creaminess of this ingredient is essential when preparing the cream tiramisu .

Tiramisu recipe food network

Now we take the egg whites, we add a pinch of salt and we mount to the point of snow with some rods. You have to do it with patience and with energetic enveloping movements, so that they mount well, or use a wire mixer, which is more comfortable. We must leave them with a good consistency, that they are fully assembled. Once we have them ready, we are going to mix them with the previous mixture of mascarpone, sugar and egg yolks, but gently, so that the mounted yolks do not fall. Mix well so that the cream remains evenly.

Tiramisu recipe original

And we go on to assemble the tiramisu , for which we will place a first layer of cakes in the chosen mold, better with the part that has sugar facing down. When we have the mold completely covered, we pour a little coffee over the cakes, to moisten them, but without soaking them, so that the base of the tiramisu has consistency.

Tiramisu recipe ina garten

On top we add half of the cream that we had prepared, spreading it well. On the cream we place another layer of cakes, but this time we want them to be well soaked in coffee, so that they are soft. And on top we add the well-spread cream. To finish, we sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder on top, which covers the well tiramisu , and put in the fridge until the next day, or at least 12-14 hours, so that it sets well and is perfect. And to enjoy this exquisite tiramisu .

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