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What to eat for breakfast on keto

7 October, 2021

What to eat for breakfast on keto


You lose weight

The ketogenic diet is great for losing weight because it reduces your appetite and cravings for food. In addition to this, when we eat more healthy fats and animal protein, our body will gradually stop depending on sugar or glucose as an energy source and you will feel satisfied with fewer calories. As it is a diet where fat is metabolized by low carbohydrate intake, overweight people have a very agile weight reduction without the risk of losing muscle mass. We only suggest that you maintain good habits once your purpose has been achieved.

What to eat for breakfast on keto

Improve the nutrients in your blood

What to eat for breakfast on keto
What to eat for breakfast on keto

By having a lower consumption of carbohydrates, triglycerides in the blood remain normal and the levels of HDL lipoprotein or good cholesterol increase. This translates into:

    Lower risk of cardiovascular health abnormalities

    Less danger of arterial blockage

    Normalization of blood pressure scenarios


Cetogenic diet


Keto brakfast smoothie

What to eat for breakfast

Keto bread

Keto diet

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