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A keto breakfast

7 October, 2021

A keto breakfast

A keto breakfast , Another drawback that may manifest itself is bad breath, bad breath produced by the increase in ketone bodies in the body and in several people tiredness and fatigue when suppressing carbohydrates. It is a difficult diet to continue, since carbohydrates are very present in our daily life, which is why many people end up abandoning it.

A keto breakfast
A keto breakfast

A keto breakfast

By putting the liver in a state of overload since it must work twice as much to find energy, energy, it is not suggested for people who have liver problems such as fatty liver, among other things, or for people who have heart problems given heart that on some occasions the prolonged state of ketosis has produced states of arrhythmia. On some occasions, there has been a decrease in the capacity for attention and concentration by depriving the brain of glucose obtained from carbohydrates, which is its primary source of energy.

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