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Aroma hot chocolate recipe my café

30 octubre, 2021

Aroma hot chocolate recipe my café

Ingr. prin.: Chocolate

Dish: Dessert

Style: Sweet cuisine, Party cuisine.

Environment: Celebrations, Grandma’s, Friends.

Time: Low

Difficulty: Low

Diners: 6

hot chocolate recipe

Aroma hot chocolate recipe my café
Aroma hot chocolate recipe my café


Powder for chocolate in the cup

260 g sugar

60 g cornstarch

90 g cocoa powder

500 g dark chocolate coating 70%

3 g vanilla powder

To make the chocolate:

1 l milk

300 g premix powder for chocolate in the cup


In chapter 11 of the TV show Dulces infallibles, Miquel Guarro prepares the recipe for Chocolate a la taza always ready.

For chocolate powder:

chocolate my cafe recipe

Mix all the ingredients and crush until you get a fine and homogeneous powder.

To make the chocolate:

Temper the milk in a saucepan.

Add the chocolate powder in the form of rain on top of the milk and beat vigorously with a few sticks.

Continue simmering until thickened while stirring.

Ready to serve.

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