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The most complete breakfast you can make, and it is not white bread toast

7 January, 2024

The most complete breakfast you can make, and it is not white bread toast

Breakfast is just another meal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. These are the perfect breakfast foods.

Breakfast recipes indian

In Spain, the typical breakfast is refined bread toast, which, although it is more nutritious than other ultra-processed food options, can be greatly improved on a nutritional level. Breakfast is just another meal, it is neither the most important nor obligatory to skip if we do intermittent fasting. Like any other meal, it should be complete and healthy. These are the foods that we suggest for breakfast to replace that refined bread toast, and especially as an alternative option to buns, cookies and sugary cereals.

Ingredients for a complete and healthy breakfast

The world is divided into people who prefer toast and those who prefer a bowl of milk and cereal. If you are in the second group, stay away from the sugary cereals in the supermarket, which are practically all of them. Oatmeal is a whole grain with a long list of benefits that you can mix into that breakfast bowl.

Breakfast recipes with eggs

You can also mix it with other options that we will see below, such as yogurt or eggs. If you cannot start your day without toast, choose whole wheat bread, instead of white bread, or another cereal such as spelled, rye or buckwheat.

A neuroscientist reveals how to achieve the ideal breakfast for the brain, based on five ingredients

A neuroscientist reveals how to achieve the ideal breakfast for the brain, based on five ingredients

Eggs as a protein base

Once we have the carbohydrate base with whole grains, either in the form of toast or oatmeal, we will add eggs as a source of protein and healthy fat. Eggs can be consumed in your daily life, but it is preferable that you choose eggs from free-range chickens that have not been fed with feed.

You can quickly whip up a couple of eggs in your skillet, or have some hard-boiled eggs ready to pull out for breakfast. Do not eliminate the egg yolk, because they contain healthy fats and a long list of vitamins and minerals.

Extra virgin olive oil to eat quality fat for breakfast

Simple breakfast recipes

The three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) must be ingested throughout the day. If you can mix them into a complete meal, even better. If you choose the option of whole grain toast with eggs, you can season the preparation with extra virgin olive oil, thus completing the perfect breakfast.

Top 10 breakfast recipes

If you have opted for a bowl with oats, the dairy, whether milk or yogurt, must be whole, to provide fats full of vitamins and minerals. Skimmed milk is whole milk from which the fat has been removed, and with it all its vitamins and minerals, then they have been added artificially and added sugar because by removing the fat, the milk has been left without flavor. So it is better to opt directly for a full-fat dairy product.

The perfect breakfast: combining all the ingredients

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Bowl of whole dairy, oats, nuts and fruit

Healthy breakfast recipes

A complete breakfast option is a bowl of whole milk or natural whole yogurt, to which we add rolled oats, nuts and a fruit. This bowl is packed with vitamins and minerals, in addition to being a complete meal as it has a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and quality fats.

Whole grain toast, eggs, extra virgin olive oil and some fruit

Breakfast recipes sweet

The second breakfast option is whole grain toast with eggs dressed with extra virgin olive oil. To finish breakfast we will choose a seasonal fruit and start the day with energy and filling our body with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and quality fat.

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