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Bulk barn sugar free chocolate

31 October, 2021

Bulk barn sugar free chocolate

Bulk barn sugar free chocolate , Dark chocolate. If I have learned anything in these first 3 weeks of life of the Real Food store is that you have a lot of vice with chocolate. Am I surprised? The truth is that no, why am I going to lie. In addition, quality dark chocolate, apart from being scandalous,is a great food.

Dark chocolate: a superfood that you can make at home

If something does not surprise me your addiction to good chocolate is because it comes from far away (okay, and because it is scandalous). The Maya were the first civilization to cultivate the cacao tree, the Xocoatl. In fact, in Mayan and Aztec legends, the cocoa bean was a gift from the Gods. And it was so important that it was used as currency.

Bulk barn sugar free chocolate
Bulk barn sugar free chocolate

Although we can find dark chocolate of the good in the market, most of those that are marketed do not even come close. The usual offenders are usually a low actual cocoa content. As well as the use of refined sugars or even corn syrup, dairy and soy lecithin.

Chocolate my cafe recipe

Homemade dark chocolate: a recipe you won’t want to miss.

Therefore, if we make ourselves our dark chocolatebars, chips for cookies or chocolates, we can control the quality of each and every one of the ingredients that we are going to use. From cocoa butter to cocoa powder and the type and amount of sweetener: coconut sugar, xylitol, stevia… And we can make a dark chocolate of 85%, 90%, 95% or as you like.

In fact, in his day I decided to learn how to make chocolate from scratch, precisely to be able to control the amounts and types of sweeteners. That’s because I can’t resist DIY.

Chocolate negro 90% con manteca de cacao y cacao en polvo

Bulk barn sugar free chocolate

Trial and error: the way to learn in the kitchen

Although the path to achieve the result that I am going to share with you today has not been direct. With my first attempts I got a dark chocolate of rich flavor. But with grainy texture, matte or mottled appearance and that melted on my fingers as soon as I took them out of the fridge.

With a little research, I learned that chocolate had to be tempered or tempered, a process with which, through melting and pre-crystallization at specific temperatures, we achieved a smooth, bright and crispy chocolate. And that it does not stick or melt into your fingers.

The art of making chocolate at home. I tell you how to make homemade dark chocolate in this post.

However, I continued to study the subject and learned that the process involved the use of marble and temperature control. And I found it a lot of complication to make a chocolate tablet or chips from time to time. So I forgot about it, thinking that it wasn’t so much to have to store the chocolate in the fridge either.

It must be that I didn’t forget at all, because some time later I came across this page from Chef Eddy,in which he explains his preferred method of tempering chocolate. And what was my joy to discover that you don’t need a marble plate. But a thermometer and an ingredient that I am already using to make my chocolates: cocoa butter.

The perfect recipe to make your own homemade chocolate

As I said, the method is simple and works perfectly. And here’s how Chef Eddy himself explains it:

We need 1% fine grated cocoa butter with a Microplane or similar to pre-crystallize the chocolate. That is, if we are going to make a tablet of 200 grams we would only have to add 2 grams of grated cocoa butter.

Melt the chocolate at 46 ºC in a water bath. And then it is allowed to cool to 35 ºC(dark chocolate)and 33.5 ºC(milk and white chocolate)).

Immediately add the grated cocoa butter and stir until it dissolves and the mixture becomes homogeneous.

According to Chef Eddy, and verified by a server, we will not notice any negative effect if more than 1% of grated cocoa butter is added.

(You can make today’s recipe without going through this tempering process. But remember that you should keep it in the fridge until the time of serving. And that it won’t look so bright and crispy.)Bombones de chocolate negro casero

Cocoa Butter

On the other hand, cocoa butter has a high content of saturated fats, in addition to monounsaturated fats. This butter is obtained after fermentation and pressing of whole cocoa beans, roasted or raw, and separated from their shells. And it takes between 2.5 – 3 kg of cocoa beans to get 1 kg of cocoa butter.

The best chocolate is made from the highest quality food-grade cocoa butter. And we can’t just use it to make chocolates. It brings a soft and delicate chocolate flavor to biscuits, cookies, smoothies and other indulgences. And you can even use it (and I highly recommend it) to cook meats, chicken and tubers with it. Try. You don’t need to thank me.

Cocoa Powder

The solids that remain after the pressing of the cocoa beans are the low-fat component of chocolate. And cocoa powder is what brings the characteristic flavor and color to chocolate. In fact, this is the element that contains most of the antioxidants associated with this product.

In addition, cocoa powder also contains the highest concentration of the psychoactive chemicals (caffeine and theobromine) virtually absent in cocoa butter.

An important note: it goes from refined cocoa powder such as cocoa with Dutch process or alkalized cocoa (processed with alkali). This cocoa is commonly found for sale in Europe. And its process causes its acidity to be neutralized, soften the flavor and dissolve more easily in milk or water. In addition, it usually contains 20-22% fat. Even though its taste is good, the chemical refining process removes its healthy antioxidants.

Cómo hacer chocolate negro en casa

You will no longer have excuses not to make homemade dark chocolate

And now, after having released the roll, let’s go with the recipe, which I know is what interests you. I share the base recipe of a 90% chocolate. From there, you can vary the proportions to a higher or lower percentage.

You can also play with the flavors, add cinnamon and a touch of chili powder, to make a Mexican chocolate. Or sprinkle with a little flower of salt or orange zest. As well as adding a few teaspoons of chia seeds or making a tablet with almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and raisins…. Very Christmas, so take the opportunity to kill the Suchard! (Iolanda, it’s going for you 😉.)

Recipe: Homemade Dark Chocolate

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Homemade Dark Chocolate

Preparation time

5 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes

Total time

25 minutes

Recipe to make a dark chocolate 90%

For: 200 grams


110 grams of food-grade cocoa butter (or cocoa paste cut into small pieces + 2 grams of finely grated cocoa butter)

70 grams of cocoa powder

20 grams of coconut sugar (or the sweetener you prefer – I still have to do some more testing to see the results with raw honey)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder

Or a teaspoon of vanilla extract (some say that extracts should not be mixed in chocolate, it has worked well for me)

A pinch of gray or Himalayan salt

You’ll also need a large casserole with water up to about 1/4 of its capacity, a bowl to put in the casserole in the water bath, a digital thermometer, and a manual rod.


Grind the coconut sugar along with the vanilla in an electric grinder until it has the consistency of icing sugar. If you do not have a grinder (it is also very useful for grinding spices, dried chilies and algae, among others), you can crush a larger amount (no less than 250 grams) in a powerful robot or thermomix. And you can leave the sugar unmolded. But you might notice its texture in chocolate.

Heat the water in the casserole until bubbles begin to appear on the bottom and keep it at that temperature.

Melt the cocoa butter in the bowl in a bain-marie. Control the temperature so that it does not exceed 46ºC. If you see that it is approaching that temperature and the butter has not yet melted, remove the bowl from the casserole. And let it continue to melt on the countertop.

Add the cocoa powder, ground sugar (or unmoored sugar and vanilla extract or the scraped inside of a vanilla pod) and salt.

Beat well with a manual rod until it is homogeneous. And let the temperature of the mixture drop to 35 ºC.

Immediately add the grated cocoa butter and beat well with the rod until fully incorporated.

Fill chocolate molds or a rectangular fountain or mold of about 25 cm x 15 cm lined with baking paper.

Add the ingredients you want: pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, chia seeds (these can be incorporated into the mixture after step 6), grated coconut,flower of salt, orange zest …

Let it solidify at room temperature.

If you do not want to temper the chocolate, you must put it in the fridge so that it solidifies.

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