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Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe

31 October, 2021

Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe  

Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe  , The frosting is usually the final touch of many cakes, biscuits, muffins or cupcakes. It is the topping or glaze that gives the recipe a special color and that, if you can prepare it correctly, will become one of the most delicious parts of the dessert.

Making a homemade frosting scrumptious is no mystery. For the simplest, you just have to mix cream cheese with icing sugar and that’s it.

Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe
Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe

This time we want to give frosting a magic touch, so we will add an ingredient that will delight the sweet tooth: white chocolate .

Costa belgian chocolate frostino recipe  

White chocolate cheese frosting

Chocolate frostino recipe  

Ingredients for a white chocolate and cheese frosting

    250 gr of spread cheese .

    400 gr of white chocolate. You can use white chocolate to melt or even white chocolate coating in drops , one of Torras’s star products and that we especially recommend in this recipe.

    60 gr of icing sugar . You can also try the recipe without adding sugar and, depending on whether you like it or not, add more or less sugar.

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Steps to prepare cheese and white chocolate frosting

    Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. In this article we explain how to melt it without hardening in both ways. Keep in mind that white chocolate melts more easily than black, so you should avoid exceeding 45ºC. You can use a kitchen thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Chocolate frostino recipe  

    In a separate bowl, mix the cream cheese with icing sugar using a whisk. Whether it is manual or electric it will be useful.

    Mix the melted white chocolate with the cheese and the icing sugar, using the whisk again.

    Pour the mixture into a piping bag and let stand 24 hours in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that the longer we have the frosting resting in the fridge, the firmer it will be.

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This same recipe can be used with any other type of chocolate , so your desserts have infinite possibilities to surprise thanks to their frosting. We highly recommend that you test how the frosting looks by melting a tablet of white chocolate with strawberries . You’re going to love it!

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