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Food love quotes funny

8 February, 2022

Food love quotes funny

Food love quotes funny, And you? Do you cook because you like to eat well? Do you enjoy the act of cooking but eating is more in the background? We want to know what led you to get into the world of cooking or if the idea is already floating around in your head…

Food love quotes funny
Food love quotes funny

Ferran Adria

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    “Cooking is a language through which harmony, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, culture can be expressed.”

Phrases about food that make you question what you eat… This statement by the Catalan chef Ferrán Adrià is very interesting. And it is that what is clear is that when we eat we do not only do it to feed ourselves, but for pleasure. To experience, to feel, to discover. All this is what chefs should try to achieve. It is not only about going out with a full belly, but about feeling that we have lived a unique gastronomic experience. Chef Ferrán Adrià rose to fame when he began working at the El Bulli restaurant (Roses, Girona), a place where he discovered his creativity through cooking to the world. The chef has three Michelin stars.

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As you can see, behind the kitchen there is much more than the simple act of cooking. Creativity is a fundamental part. Patience, more. Trial and error, perseverance, work and study.

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The creative world of Ferrán Adrià. Photo of the cover of his book What is cooking.

The chef is a mine of famous phrases. We leave you some more, since they do not leave anyone indifferent.

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    «People said “You do very strange things” and I answered them “I dedicate myself to creativity”. Sometimes we have wanted to explain avant-garde cuisine too much when perhaps it is very difficult to explain. Must be lived”

Avant-garde cuisine is a source of dispute among chefs. Some describe it as pure snobbery embellished with bombastic words. Depending on the establishment, yes it is. But before venturing to judge, you always have to know what’s behind a plate. It is possible that a bite that we have five seconds in the mouth has a dozen elaborations and hours have been spent making it.

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Champions of innovation such as Ferrán Adrià know that there is one thing that one cannot play with: cooking times. Each food has its exact cooking point. If we do not comply, it is simply not done well. It will be raw or it will be past. And that is neither modern, nor innovative, nor avant-garde.

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