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Food lovers quotes

8 February, 2022

Food lovers quotes

Food lovers quotes, The story of the Roca brothers is surprising. Every time you stop to think about it, you think about whether nature or genetics have something to do with it. We believe that they have inherited something because their parents already ran a family restaurant, Can Roca. You know them right? They are three brothers and the three exceptional restoration professionals. We have Joan Roca, chef; Josep Roca, sommelier and Jordi Roca, pastry chef or, as he defines himself .

Food lovers quotes
Food lovers quotes

Food lovers quotes

    «I am not satisfied with giving food: I want to create emotions».

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Have you heard when they say that things made with love turn out better? Well, this is a maxim that, as you can see, is repeated in the words of many chefs. The kitchen is pure feeling!

    «The kitchen has to be porous to migrations, flows, movements, to the chefs who travel».

There are not a few chefs who, faced with what could be considered a creative block in the kitchen, have a clear solution: travel. Try other flavors, learn about other ways of cooking, relating to products… It is essential for a cook to be in contact with other cultures and not be left alone with the realities of his own.

Pedro Subijana

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    «There is a phrase from the Michelin Guide that defines the restaurants awarded with the three stars: It deserves the trip ».

Pedro Subijana is the chef who runs the well-known Basque restaurant Akelarre, with three Michelin stars and several international awards, such as Les Grandes Tables du Monde .

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With this phrase Subijana refers to one of the paragraphs of the Michelin Guide, in which a distinction is made between the fact that a restaurant has one, two or three Michelin stars. On the website of the Guide itself we can read the following:

Don’t hesitate to put this into practice! Of course, if you already go for the three Michelin star restaurants, we assure you that it will be as exciting as preparing any other trip. There are restaurants that have up to a year of waiting list!

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