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Food quotes for business

31 January, 2022

Food quotes for business

    My stomach cares little about immortality. (Heinrich Hein)

Food quotes for business
Food quotes for business

    Food quotes for business, To one who is hungry, first give him something to eat and then talk to him about anything; if you start by talking to him, whatever it is, you will fail, don’t doubt it. (Jean Anouilh)

    Shorten dinner: prolong life. (Benjamin Franklin)

Food quotes for business

    Before giving the people priests, soldiers and teachers, it would be opportune to know if they are not dying of hunger. (Leo Tolstoy)

Food quotes lotrç

    Walker: eat, drink and nothing else matters to you. (Ashurbanipal Sardanapalo)

    Eat little and eat less, because the health of the whole body is forged in the office of the stomach. (Miguel Cervantes)

    With the first cup the man drinks wine; with the second, wine drinks wine; with the third, the wine drinks the man. (Anonymous)

    When the wine goes in, the secret comes out. (Talmud)

Food quotes lunch

    God entrusts indigestion with the task of making stomachs moral. (Victor Hugo)

    God has made the food and the devil, the salt and the sauces. (James Joyce)

    Reduce your meals and you will find better sleep. (Arab proverb)

    El café debe ser caliente como el infierno, negro como el diablo, puro como un ángel, y dulce como el amor. (Maurice De Talleyrand-Périgord)

Food quotes latest

    El café, néctar de dioses, ha de ser, para ser bueno, ardiente como tus ojos, negro como tus cabellos, tan puro como tu alma, tal dulce como tus besos. (Francisco Villaespesa)

    El mejor vino del Rin es aquel al que no le ha entrado una sola gota del Rin ni del Mosela. (Georg Ch. Lichtenberg)

    El placer de los banquetes debe medirse no por la abundancia de los manjares, sino por la reunión de los amigos y por su conversación. (Cicerón)

Food quotes last bite

    He who drinks well sleeps well, and he who sleeps well thinks well; who thinks well, works well, and who works well, should drink well. (Anonymous)

    He came too much, nor does he keep a secret, nor does he keep his word. (Miguel Cervantes)

    Wine gives us freedom, and love takes it away from us; wine makes us princes, love beggars. (William Wycherly)

Food lovers quotes

    Hungry Stomach has no ears. (Jean De La Fontaine)

    You have to eat to live, and not live to eat. (Moliere)

    Drunkenness does not create vices; It does nothing but expose them. (Seneca)

    The perfect time to eat is, for the rich, when he feels like it; and for the poor, when he has what. (Luis Velez De Guevara)

Food love quotes funny

    Satiety breeds excess. (Solon)

    Life is so bitter that it opens the desire to eat every day. (Enrique Jardiel Poncela)

    Long meals create short lives. (Francois Rabelais)

    Animals feed, man eats; only the man of talent knows how to eat. (Anthelme Brillant-Savarin)

Food quotes funny

    You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. (Dean Martin)

    There is no more sincere love than the one we feel towards food. (George Bernard Shaw)

    There is no secret where wine reigns. (Solomon)

    I don’t live to eat; as to live. (Quintilian)

Food quotes for instagram

    To eat well in England it is advisable to eat breakfast three times. (William S. Maugham)

    They are eating the cannibals. (Jorge Luis Borges)

    Without frugality no one becomes rich, and with frugality very few would become poor. (Samuel Johnson)

Food quotes for restaurant

    Everything that is eaten without need is stolen from the stomach of the poor. (Mahatma Gandhi)

    Work as if you had to live forever, and eat as if you had to die tomorrow. (Arab proverb)

    A house of God is the empty stomach of the poor, and whoever fills it, also fills the will of God. (Friedrich Ruckert)

    A meal lubricates business. (James Boswell)

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