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Food quotes status

5 February, 2022

Food quotes status

Vegetarian Phrases

Food quotes status, Did you like vegan phrases? It may be a very radical change to leave both meat and dairy products and eggs, but don’t worry, you can start with some vegetarian phrases and make the change little by little. Giving up meat means learning a new way of cooking that you will really enjoy . Find your favorite phrase about vegetarianism among these 10.

Food quotes status
Food quotes status

Food quotes status

    “It is incredible and shameful that preachers and moralists do not raise their voice more against the barbaric custom of killing animals and also eating them.” (Voltaire)

Food quotes lunch

    “There will come a time when human beings will be content with a vegetable diet and the killing of an animal will be considered a crime, just like the murder of a human being.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Food quotes latest

    “Don’t forget that no matter how far away and hidden the slaughterhouse is, you, who eat meat, will always be its accomplice.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

    “Because the heart beats under a covering of fur, fur, feathers, or wings, is it, for this reason, that it should not be taken into account?” (Jean-Paul Richter)

Food quotes spaghetti

    “Comparative anatomy shows us that man is in every way like frugivorous animals and in no way like carnivorous animals. By disguising dead meat with culinary preparations, he changes the outward appearance and softens it because the sight of raw and bloody excites horror and disgust in man.” (George Cuvier)

Food quotes last bite

    “I have no doubt that it is part of human destiny, in its gradual improvement, to stop eating animals.” (Henry David Thoreau)

    “The supremacy of man over the lower animals does not mean that he must destroy them in order to live himself, but on the contrary, that the superior must protect the inferior and that a solidarity similar to that between men must develop between them.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Food lovers quotes

    “No, a thousand times no, carnivorous feeding is not necessary. All the facts prove it as well as the ABC of physiology.” (Dr Charles Richet)

    “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming other living beings, we are still savages.” (ThomasEdison)

Food love quotes funny

    “Even if all the wolves and vultures on earth united to convince me of the advantages of meat, I would still see it as a crime.” (Porphyry)

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