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Frozen hamburger in air fryer

19 noviembre, 2021

Frozen hamburger in air fryer

Frozen hamburger in air fryer  , Cook frozen burgers in a deep fryer without defrosting! This foolproof recipe for deep fryer frozen burgers is ready in 20 minutes, making it the perfect meal for busy nights.

Frozen hamburger in air fryer
Frozen hamburger in air fryer

Suitable for low carb, gluten free, ketogenic, paleo and Whole30 diets. The post includes Weight Watchers points.

Frozen hamburger in air fryer

Forgetting to take meat out of the freezer is something that happens in my house more than I want to admit. When things don’t go to plan, you don’t have to spend your budget on takeout when you can cook frozen burgers in a deep fryer instead.

Just like my Air Fryer Frozen Pizza and Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings, with this air fryer frozen burger recipe you can go straight from the freezer to the deep fryer and then to the dinner table, all in about 20 minutes. The result is tender, flavorful, and incredibly juicy burgers in the deep fryer. #airfryerforthewin

When I make fresh Air Fryer burgers, I always make extra burgers to keep in the freezer because I know I will inevitably need a quick and easy meal later.

Why make this recipe

    Easy – Go from freezer to fryer to table in about 20 minutes.

    Inexpensive – No need to buy expensive takeout when you forget to take your meat out of the freezer.

    Perfect for Families Busy – Make fresh and tasty burgers at home and freeze for later use.

    Tasty – You won’t believe how tasty airfyer’s frozen burgers can be!

    Diet Friendly – Skip the bun and these burgers are perfect for low carb, gluten free, keto, paleo, or Whole30 diets.

Ingredient Notes to cook Frozen hamburger in air fryer

    Frozen patties – You can make homemade patties to freeze or find frozen patties at the store.

Ready to make this Deep Fryer Frozen Burger Recipe? Gather your ingredients and I’ll show you …

How to Make Frozen Burgers in Air Fryer

Get the full ingredient list and recipe card instructions below.

    Preheat the fryer to 350F / 200C.

    Place the frozen patties in the fryer basket and cook for 9-12 minutes.

    Flip the patties halfway through the cooking time.    When done, turn the fryer off, top each cheeseburger (if desired), close the fryer, and let the cheese melt on the burger for 1-2 minutes.    Make your burgers, then serve and enjoy.

Fryer temperatures will vary by make and model, so use cook time only as a guide and adjust as needed.

Professional tips for the recipe Frozen hamburger in air fryer

    When freezing hamburgers, place a square of parchment or wax paper between the patties so that they are easy to separate even when frozen.    There is no need to defrost the burgers. You can cook frozen hamburgers in deep fryer.

    Preheat your deep fryer for the best results.

    Flip the patties more than half the cooking time.    Following the Low Carb, Gluten Free, Ketogenic, Paleo, or Whole30 diet ? No problem! Just serve your burger without the bun and leave the cheese on if your diet calls for it.

    No Overcrowding – Make Air Fryer sure there is space between each burger so they cook evenly.

    Fryer temperatures will vary by make and model, use cook time as a guide only and adjust as needed.    To prevent the cheese from flying out of the burger, turn off the Air Fryer before topping the burgers with the cheese.

    Thinner patties cook faster than thicker patties. Adjust the cook time accordingly.Cooking Times and Temperatures for Air Fryer Frozen Patties

Frozen hamburger in air fryer
Frozen hamburger in air fryer

The cooking time for frozen patties in the fryer may depend on the make and model of the fryer and the thickness of the patties.I always like to use a meat thermometer to make sure my burgers are cooked to the desired temperature before serving. Here’s a helpful chart to help you determine how well your deep fryer frozen patty is done.

    Medium Rare (135F / 57C degrees): approximately 12 to 14 minutes

    Medium (145F / 63C degrees): about 13 to 16 minutes,     Medium good (155F / 68C degrees): about 15 to 18 minutes,     Well done (160F / 71C degrees): approximately 17 to 20 minutes

Delicious variations

    Season – Add your favorite seasonings to your burgers to change the flavor.

    Make it cheesy – Add cheese to your burgers.    Swap out the meat – Look for ground frozen chicken, turkey or pork patties.

Preparation and storage

    Make Ahead – The beauty of this recipe is that no prep is required. Go from the freezer to the fryer to the table!

    Store – Leftover burgers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

    Freeze – It is not recommended to refreeze meat that has been previously frozen and cooked.

Frequent questions

Can you cook a frozen hamburger in a deep fryer?

Frozen hamburger in air fryer
Frozen hamburger in air fryer

Yes! It’s easy to cook a frozen burger in the deep fryer. It will cook perfectly in less than 20 minutes.

Why does my air fryer smoke?

When fatty foods like hamburgers (or bacon) are cooked in the deep fryer, you may experience some smoke. When the fat drips into the basket and continues to heat, the fan can circulate the smoke in the fryer. It is not a problem while the burger is cooking, but this can cause grease to accumulate inside the fryer and affect its operation in the future.

Frozen Burgers in Air Fryer

If smoke comes out, you need to do a deep cleaning when you finish cooking. The best way to prevent smoking in the first place is to place a piece of bread between the basket and the deep fryer. It will catch all the fat and can be easily disposed of when done cooking. If you are cooking multiple batches of patties, be sure to clean the basket between batches.

Can I make a cheeseburger in the deep fryer?

Sure you can! Cook frozen patties to desired temperature. Turn off the fryer and add the cheese. Let the patties rest in the air fryer for 2-3 minutes until the cheese is melted.

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